Simple Automata Extravaganza

[Federico Tobon] from [Wolfcat Workshop] spent Makevember in 2017 building a series of fascinating automata using the most basic of craft supplies and simple tools in his workshop. Using a combination of rigid materials such as wooden cubes, popsicle sticks, and paper clips and pliable ones like paper and rubber bands, his creations are way more delightful to play with compared to fidget spinners.

There are no assembly guides, instructions or building plans, but for a hacker, one look at these designs ought to be enough to glean how to build one, with some trial and error to get it right. And that is exactly what [Tobon] found to his delight. After sharing animated GIFs of his creations on social media, numerous other hackers built and shared their own versions of his designs as well as building some new ones.

He posts several other useful resources, some of which were the inspiration that got him started making these automata. All of them are pretty interesting, so do take a look at them too. There is a lot that young kids can learn from building these little machines, given some guidance and help from the elders. But the way we see it, it’s likely the old folks will enjoy them more.

The video after the break compiles all of the little machines for six minutes of viewing pleasure.

15 thoughts on “Simple Automata Extravaganza

    1. I would love to have a go at these but couldn’t find the othe link suggested. I have just been blessed with grandchildren and long to make a variety of interactive toys that don’t need batteries. These and sand motor toys are at the top of my list. Any additional information and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your charming and inspiring post.x

  1. Wasn’t there a kinematics solver mentioned on HAD a few years back? Maybe it was just a paper about “here is how we think Disney does a general solver” but I thought there was some software out there for solving the gear and cam and leavers with input of “here is what I want” and output of “here is how to connect it.”

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