Kid Rover Is Six Wheels Of Awesome

There are plenty of ways to go about learning to TIG weld. Most involve a series of practice parts making butt joints and welding together various sections of pipe. [Kris Temmerman] decided to go a little bit farther, however. The result is a kid rover that’s sure to be the envy of every neighbourhood child for a few zipcodes around.

The chassis is an all-aluminium affair, making TIG welding the perfect choice for the job. Of course, [Kris] wasn’t content to simply build a basic go-kart or buggy. This sweet ride is inspired by the rocker-bogie designs of NASA’s Mars rovers, giving it the ride height and flexibility to roam over serious obstacles. Naturally, there’s six-wheel drive and four-wheel steering to complete the dynamic package. It should also be noted that yellow wheels are a stunning design choice that we just don’t see enough of.

It’s a beautifully crafted vehicle, and a testament to [Kris]’s machining and design skills. We can’t wait to see it given a shakedown run on the muddy fields of Belgium. If you’re eager to start your own rocker-bogie build, NASA’s got the open source designs to get you started. Video after the break.


15 thoughts on “Kid Rover Is Six Wheels Of Awesome

  1. I wonder what load it can bear. Will his son still be riding it when a teen?
    Beautiful work, very good welds for a beginner at TIG.
    The video was wonderful. Good pacing, nice to see some footage of the intended ‘customer’ evaluating the build.

    1. It would indeed.
      Something like that (sized for its rider, of course) could be helpful to people who have trouble walking but want to still be able to do some outdoor activities, such as fishing.
      Anyone want to build me one?

  2. I’ve been told TIG welding is quite dangerous, It exposes you to high UV radiation, dangerous gases (not toxic but suffocating and carcinogenic), and the standard dangers of a welding process (danger for the eyes, burns, etc)..Professional welders are not allowed to do TIG welding for extened periods; so If I would have to learn to TIG weld, I wouldn’t do more welds than strictly neccesary ones.
    But I have to say, that rover is awesome.

    1. citation please? Ive worked at welding shops where welders would TIG weld all day long (located in Canada) and i have never heard of any regulations limiting the amount of time that a tig welder could weld.

      That being said, all of the dangers that you have noted can easily be mitigated with the proper PPE, namely: a proper welding helmet, a good welding jacket and gloves and a respirator or fresh air supply system.

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