[Fran] Is Helping Santa Slay This Year

We know at least one person who ought to make Santa’s ‘nice’ list this year. [Fran] was probably near the top of it already, but sending Santa a handmade greeting card with a fully-functioning guitar amp inside will probably make him rewrite her name in glitter, or silver Sharpie.

This stocking stuffer-sized amp is based around the LM386 and the bare minimum components necessary to make it rock. Everything is dead-bug soldered and sandwiched between two pieces of card stock. The first version with a single 386 sounded okay, but [Fran] wanted it louder, so she added another stage with a second 386. [Fran] glued the rim of the speaker directly to the card so it can act like a cone and give a better sound than the speaker does by itself.

All Santa needs to rock out is his axe and a small interface made of a 1/4″ jack and a 9 V wired to a 3-pin header that plugs into the card. He can take a break from Christmas music and let some of those cookies digest while he jams. Be sure to check out the build video after the break if you want to stay off the ‘naughty’ list.

Want to make your own musical greeting card? If you can program an ATtiny85, you won’t need much more than that to send a smile. If visual art is more your thing, 3D print them a 2D picture.

Thanks for the tip, [Käpt’n Blaubär]!

3 thoughts on “[Fran] Is Helping Santa Slay This Year

  1. Don’t forget to send that interface cable… that’ll have the elves rather confused otherwise.

    I wonder if a ground-plane made of copper tape might work for a bit of shielding. Nice effort though.

  2. Three 2032 and and a flat foldout 1/4″ phono plug will help Santa from having to bum a 9V from the Toy batteries supply which is always lacking under the decorative green conal fire hazard . Probably cost another stamp. Should check with local post to see if needed battery hazard sticker. Ya like anyone does.
    Fairly sure the sleigh has a good sound system but is good to play some riffs by ye chimney whilst the reindeer leave meadow muffin presents on the porch for naughty people.

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