A Home Made Dumper You’d Swear Came From A Factory

When it comes to YouTube videos, there’s little we like more than some good quality workshop action, watching someone in command of their tools craft a machine from raw materials with an amazing result. It’s something [Workshop From Scratch] delivers with his homemade mini dumper, in which he makes a small dump-truck from scratch with a result that looks as though he’d bought it factory-made from his agricultural supplier.

At its heart is a substantial chassis made from welded together double box section tube, to which he’s bolted a second-hand hydraulic transmission of the type you would find on larger walk-behind groundskeeping machinery. At the back is a front steering axle from a mobility scooter, that pivots on a bearing and wheel hub from a Ford Mondeo to ensure stability on rough ground. There is a platform for the operator to stand on as the little Honda 4-stroke engine moves it around. The bucket is plasma cut and welded, and it’s safe to say that his welding ability exceeds ours.

The result is a machine that looks to be very useful, and dare we admit it, one we wouldn’t mind having a go on. It may not be as powerful as this electric home-built dump truck, but we like it.

9 thoughts on “A Home Made Dumper You’d Swear Came From A Factory

  1. I get the DYI aspect of the build and it was executed well; however, I would have liked to see a suspension for the wheels, hydraulics lifting/lowering the dump bucket, a more substantial/safe standing platform, a “dead man” fall-off switch, key start, a muffler, etc. Having aired that wish-list, I’m sure it serves his purpose and that’s the primary goal. In the end, I would have simply purchased a dumping trailer for a riding mower…. based on his workshop, money does not seem to be a limiting factor.

  2. When the walk behind front end loader type deally went on deep discount sale at the local HF type place, I spent several hours seriously considering buying it and a couple of yards of sand to push around.

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