TV Head Is Great Replacement For Your Real Head

The head is one of the few parts of the body that it seems impossible to live without. Many people are, of course, not happy with the one they’ve been given. For those dreaming of a more digital replacement, [Vivian’s] TV Head might be just the accessory to meet those needs.

The build starts with an old CRT, which [Vivian] promptly gutted to make room for her head. In place of the original tube, a thin polycarbonate sheet was installed with window tint applied. Behind this, rows of WS2812B are set up in a grid, spaced apart just enough to allow the wearer to see through.  The setup is controlled by a Circuit Playground Express. A small PS/2 keyboard is used to control the light show, and the onboard accelerometer can be used for gravity reactive animations.

For some reason, screens as heads are remarkably emotive, and we kind of want one for daily wear. We can imagine it making a great Halloween costume, too. If you’ve always wanted to cosplay as one of those colorful robots from the Opening Ceremony of the 2002 World Cup, here’s your chance. You will not be surprised that this isn’t the first TV head we’ve featured. Video after the break.

19 thoughts on “TV Head Is Great Replacement For Your Real Head

  1. Watch out for that UFO boob light behind you! Seriously the monitor needs N95 filters and air delivery system. In and out air filtering, there is plenty of room inside to do airy things. Then have an animation of virus being filtered out to add to the show. Red and blue, virus and air hitting the green barrier. Soon there will be no more monitors or TV’s to pick up just flat ones.

    1. People are welcome to drop them off on my doorstep. They make reasonable homemade oscilloscopes and high voltage supplies, not to mention other goodies to be found inside.
      Note, also accepting free VCRs, radios, ect.
      After all free is the best price. :D

      1. Same here! It’s hard to find them nowadays since thrift stores don’t accept them anymore. I was lucky to find this one in my college’s recycling. I have a monochrome green one that I managed to save from recycling a few years ago too. I don’t actually use CRTs much because their high-pitched whine gets on my nerves, but I really like their aesthetic.

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