Automatic Sanitizer For Your Cupholder

Why is it so hard to remember to use hand sanitizer between going into the store and driving back home? We tried hanging a bottle off the windshield wiper stalk, but it gets in the way and is hard to use and share with passengers. The ideal thing would be to have a hands-free pump in the car that reminds you to use it.

You don’t have to wire this to the ignition or anything — all you have to do is power it with the cigarette lighter (or straight-up outlet, if you’re lucky). Every time you turn the key, this pump powers up and performs a little song to remind you to use it. Electronically speaking, it couldn’t be simpler — an Arduino UNO reads your hand from the distance sensor and activates a servo that dispenses three short pumps of isopropyl alcohol. Check it out in action after the break.

Want a hands-free solution for the house? Just build something you can step on.

6 thoughts on “Automatic Sanitizer For Your Cupholder

  1. I can see grace … great potentinal in this as a holy water dispenser in Catholic churches as those finger dipping bowls are repositiories for nasty shit ( literally ) e.g. coliform bacteria and I’ve even seen mosquito larva in them. Probably the pre Vatican II traditionalists would raise holy Hell but even the Pope wears a mask.
    FYI, during the Civil War, the predominately Catholic population of New Orleans was nearly wiped out because of it.
    But indulge me on this, eh?

  2. Cover all that plastic with something, I hate to see what drips and splashes does from iso. It’s not acetone,but alcohol destabilizes some plastics.

    My Latin is very dusty from pre V2 days. How about holy hand sanitizer. It is a blessing.

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