Sanitizer Dispenser Does It Hands-Free

Hand sanitizer is the hot product of 2020, and it seems nobody can get enough. In the same way that touching a dirty tap takes the shine off washing your hands in a public bathroom, one wishes to avoid touching the hand sanitizer bottle entirely. To get around this, [makendo] whipped up a quick solution.

The solution consists of a 3D printed caddy which holds a typical bottle of hand sanitizer. This is affixed to a wall with either screws or double sided tape. A long string is then attached to the dispenser nozzle, and passes down to a foot pedal. By depressing the pedal, it pulls on the string, pulling down the dispenser nozzle and delivering the required sanitizer to the hands.

It’s by no means an advanced hack, but one that can be whipped up in a short time to make sanitizing one’s hands just that little bit more pain-free. If you’re still short on sanitizer, you might want to make your own. If you do, let us know how it goes. Otherwise, consider alternate methods of automating the delivery!

11 thoughts on “Sanitizer Dispenser Does It Hands-Free

  1. >one wishes to avoid touching the hand sanitizer bottle entirely.

    You are washing your hands that are assumed to be contaminated in soap or sanitizer, so whether the button was clean or not doesn’t matter. What needs to be automated is the door you have to touch to get it open to get out after your hands are clean.

    BUT why would you have your automated sanitizer bottle in a public washroom? Carry one with you and avoid the washroom. Given it is a culture that is me first over others, properties are vandalized very quickly.

    1. Yes, either you trust that the sanitizer will work, or you don’t. If you don’t, then don’t whatever you do imagine those dirty hands touching the nozzle and covid germs shooting inside like a candiru up a urethra and causing the whole bottle of it to become covid soup.

    1. Unless there is now where to wash your hands. I always carry a small bottle of sanitizer with me when I go out. Some shops in my area now have a station by the door with sanitizer, but a lot don’t. And very few shops, apart from the big department stores, have publicly accessible washing facilities.

        1. Any of you who are Catholic know how much we miss the holy water finger dip dishes at chuch entrances. Well, why not something like this only it deliveres a mist of the water instead of foam?
          Suggest this to your parish priest and his reaction.

      1. Mainly I use mine on the way out, because they have one near the IN door, but after you’ve had to touch things in the store, that there’s no absolute guarantee that ppl used sanitiser or handwashing before touching, or picked their nose or scratched their ass after using it, I like to come out of the store uncontaminated.

      2. This virus spread more likely by “sprays” than by contact (CDC). You’ll at least need to touch the exact same spot on a package that someone else touches.

        Still it is good to have cleaned hands touching food as other type of foodborne virus are making people sick. However it doesn’t prevent cross-contamination in the store. I once reminded someone in the cashier line up that some little kid could be poking the pack of chicken and then touch your greens.

        As for foodborne virus, I had decided to cook all greens a long time ago when I read so many food recall sue to salmonella contamination.

  2. Nice!
    The first soap / sanitizer dispenser “Hack” on HaD that I like.
    No unnecessary (electronic) bells and whistles and easy to reproduce even without a 3D printer.
    You might even be able to re purpose common bathroom installation stuff like

    But the tags are a little light. I cant find all the related hacks in recent month even with “soap”, “dispenser”, “hygiene”, “sanitizer” and so on. covid tags are fare to broad. Is there a HaD tag graph/tree somewhere?
    Btw. a comment of mine on never appeared addressing similar points.

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