We’re Hiring: Come Join Us!

You wake up in the morning, and check Hackaday over breakfast. Then it’s off to work or school, where you’ve already had to explain the Jolly Wrencher to your shoulder-surfing colleagues. And then to a hackspace or back to your home lab, stopping by the skull-and-cross-wrenches while commuting, naturally. You don’t bleed red, but rather #F3BF10. It’s time we talked.

The Hackaday writing crew goes to great lengths to cover all that is interesting to engineers and enthusiasts. We find ourselves stretched a bit thin and it’s time to ask for help. Want to lend a hand while making some extra dough to plow back into your projects? We’re looking for contributors to write a few articles per week and keep the Hackaday flame burning.

Contributors are hired as private contractors and paid for each article. You should have the technical expertise to understand the projects you write about, and a passion for the wide range of topics we feature. You’ll have access to the Hackaday Tips Line, and we count on your judgement to help us find the juicy nuggets that you’d want to share with your hacker friends.

If you’re interested, please email our jobs line (jobs at hackaday dot com) and include:

  • One example article written in the voice of Hackaday. Include a banner image, at least 150 words, the link to the project, and any in-links to related and relevant Hackaday features. We need to know that you can write.
  • Details about your background (education, employment, interests) that make you a valuable addition to the team. What do you like, and what do you do?
  • Links to your blog/project posts/etc. that have been published on the Internet, if any.

What are you waiting for? Ladies and Gentlemen, start your applications!

11 thoughts on “We’re Hiring: Come Join Us!

  1. Are those bottom two not the job of an editor? As I’ve seen mention of there being people self referenced as editors here, are they using the title as an honorific and are not actually copy editors? Throwing more people at it won’t fix it if management continues to turn a blind eye to the egregious lack of editing already taking place. If someone is responsible for copy editing, they aren’t doing their job, not a day goes by without multiple errors that a simple proofread would catch, and needs to be held responsible for their lack of performing job duties. If nobody has been assigned, then it’s not just monumental oversight, but broad ignorance of complaints from the community.
    If they’re too obstinate to get someone they are already paying to do something that they would have to do at any other publication, and have already shown for years that they won’t hire someone for the job, they could always crowd source. This is already the case in some ways, waiting for people in the comments to point out issues, but it can be done before it’s published to the main blog. Let people sign up for alpha access to articles and give feedback and a proofread before general publishing. Throw in some perks, make it fun.

    1. Why are so many people whining about the grammar and spelling errors? Yeah, there’s a lot of them. I’m an attorney and have more reason to complain about them than anyone else. But who cares?! 99% of the time I can still figure out the meaning without too much effort. I’m not here to read Shakespeare; I’m here to learn about cool hacks. If the editors have to decide whether to spend their time editing content or writing new content, I’d much rather get new content about other cool hacks. Lighten up!

  2. “supported only by what I see in the comments that I might read.”

    Well, since they are happy to delete comments, you probably aren’t even getting half the picture you think you are. Your post is mildly critical, so don’t be surprised if it is deleted.

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