DuoLux Is A Stylish Lamp And You Should Definitely Print Your Own

Lamps are interesting pieces of homeware. They can be purely functional, but often they become expressions of the true vibrancy of industrial design. The “DuoLux” from [seabirdhh] may not yet have graced the cover of prestigious European design journals, but this folding lamp does have some great style for a 3D-printed design.

The lenses themselves are cut from scrap polycarbonate twin-wall sheet with a linear pattern which does much to add some art-deco flair. They’re placed inside a pair of 3D-printed tubes mounted on a zig-zag arm, with the tubes themselves carrying G4 lamp sockets for use with compact plug-in LED modules. 3D-printed knurled knobs allow the easy adjustment and aiming of the lamp as required. Power is from a 12 V DC adapter as you might expect, and everything is mounted upon a simple round base.

It’s a tidy build, and one that could be improved further by adding a weighted base for more flexibility in aiming the lights. It’s something we’d love to have on our own desk given the clean geometric style and presumably great light output from the LEDs. Alternatively, consider modelling your lamp on Earth’s very own moon itself!

7 thoughts on “DuoLux Is A Stylish Lamp And You Should Definitely Print Your Own

  1. Agree that this not particularly art-deco.
    On a more serious note I use epoxy-sand to weigh things down. About 1 part epoxy mix to 4 parts sand works quite well. Can add some old screws or hex screw bits to make it heavier if you want. This mixture is quick and strong and I find it easier to use in small parts than conventional concrete.

  2. I’d go to the scrapyard and pick up two old chromed bike headlights, with the lenses still intact. That would add quite something to the lamp, imho…
    Remove the incandescent bulb, place some LED boards inside, and you got some pretty upcycling project going for a fancy desk lamp. Maybe you could incorporate the bicycle theme even more in the stand-design, if you really want to ride the extra mile.

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