USB LED Christmas Tree Is Making Spirits Bright

[Piotr SB] knows there is no way out of the holidays; the only path is through. You’ve got to find cheer wherever and however you can, so why not cater to your own interests and build the cutest little LED Christmas tree you ever did see? And did we mention it’s USB and absolutely free (as in carols, not eggnog)?

This O-Christmas tree is made up of concentric rings that are built into a tier as you solder the LEDs. And of course you’re supposed use the LED legs as supports! One leg from each LED — 18 green and a red one for the top. Because the PCB is not quite thick enough, you’ll need to add a plastic spacer to get it to stay in the USB port. Not only is this a nice design, the snowflakes and snowman on the silkscreen totally seal the cuteness deal.

Ever get so frustrated with your Christmas tree that you want to just empty a few rounds into the thing? No? Well, you’d have a good reason to if you built this Duck Hunt ornament.

9 thoughts on “USB LED Christmas Tree Is Making Spirits Bright

  1. This would be great for the 200 (or is it 400?) bagged green LEDs in my stock pile.
    [Piotr] used jlpcp to make boards, not familiar with that company, do they allow one to use another’s artwork?

    1. JLCPCB is quite good, they’ve co-developed EASYEDA which is about as simple a way to create gerbers for manufacture as i’ve ever seen. but yes, they accept ‘pcb’ designs from just about any EDA package. If the author has chosen to make his gerbers public domain, then you essentially just copy / paste and order!

    1. I had all sorts of ideas about doing this with concentric Neopixel rings last year, which would be easy to make wink. I didn’t ever get around to it, and I wish I had now.

      Having the one above delivered as a single PCB is a cool idea though.

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