Pump Up The Resin

Sometimes the best ideas are simple and seem obvious after you’ve heard them. [Danny] showed us a great idea that fits that description. He uses a peristaltic pump to move resin in and out of his print bed. (Video, embedded below.) Normally, you remove the tank and pour the resin out into a container. With the pump, you can leave the tank where it is and simply pull the resin through a tube. The process is slower than pouring, but not as messy and doesn’t risk damage to your FEP film.

You can also use the pump like a vacuum to clean up resin. According to [Danny], the biggest value is when working with very large printers. He shows a Peopoly Phenom which has a huge tank compared to the other printers he shows in the video.

The cost for the pump is less than $40, although you can get faster pumps for a higher cost. [Danny] didn’t think it was worth the extra cost. Depending on the size, the less expensive pump will empty a tank out in 5 to 10 minutes. He also had a few tips about how to get the best flow and make the least amount of mess.

Once done, he pumps alcohol through the pump and caps off the tubing using a bolt. Overall, it looks like a great trick. You can, of course, make your own. We see them bartending quite a bit.

13 thoughts on “Pump Up The Resin

      1. Pump IPA in, let it sit. Pump dirty IPA out, pump fresh IPA in, pump mildly dirty IPA out. Then pump fresh resin in.

        Find a way to automate this process because for god’s sake it’d probably be easier to just clean it yourself.

          1. Vacuum based system might be easier for this, but would require two containers of IPA to pump the liquid back and forth between then. With vacuum you can have all valves on the clean side and only dealing with air. The resin and IPA goes just through simple hoses and opening ambient / vacuum valves on each container can select what to pump where.

            Pumping the resin back to the print bed might be a challenge, as it’s not a closed container you could pull a vacuum into.

      2. Most peristaltic pumps allow you to easily swap out the tubing. If one was worried about resin mixing, then they could ditch the quick connects have one length of tubing for each resin type.

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