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If we knew how much math goes into writing a video game, we might have paid more attention in math class. If you need a refresher, [Fletcher Dunn] and [Ian Parbery] have their book “3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development” available free online. The book was originally a paper book from 2011 with a 2002 first edition but those are out of print now. However, math is math, so regardless of the age of the book, it is worth a look. For now, the online version is a bunch of web pages, but we hear a PDF or E-reader version is forthcoming.

There’s quite a bit of discussion about vectors, matrices, linear transformations, and 3D graphics. The last part of the book covers calculus, kinematics, and parametric curves. Some of these topics will be of interest even if you don’t care about graphics but do want to learn some math with practical examples.

The writing in this book is more accessible than in your standard math class. You still probably need a little basic math background to tackle the topic, especially algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. There isn’t much about specific programming here, it is all about the math.

We miss real books. But it is great to be able to just make a few clicks and read about just about any topic. If your math interests are more binary, check this out. If math isn’t your thing, maybe you’d rather read about software defined radio.

13 thoughts on “Book Teaches Gaming Math

  1. What a surprise this is!

    I had to do some 3D computation work ~13 years ago and this was one of the books I used back then. Have very fond memories of it, time to grab a copy and see what’s new!

    1. But I still like to kick back in my chair and read a ‘real’ book whether technical or general. Just picked up a couple of ARM 32 and 64 assembly language ‘real’ books for reading/references. Much prefer it to reading on-line. Where I like on-line is when I need to find something quickly. A search usually turns it up. Also just ordered O’Reilly’s Programming Rust book which should be here Thursday.

      And yes…. until you to move all the books from one place to another! My dad said at the time when we moved into our first and only home here years ago now… “Only helping you with the books/magazines this once!” I am learning to ‘thin’ the books out as technical references tend to get dated or new editions come out.

    2. There is no substitute for real books in the excrameditation chamber.

      I recommend ‘Finnigan’s Wake’. Opening to a random page and just trying to decipher the drunken Irish gibberish is sure to take your mind off your biological functions as they happen.

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