Relax And Have A Nice Cup Of Teeth

3D printed tea cup and saucer with the edges made out of 3d printed human teeth. Cup is sitting on a wooden table.

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to add a little spooky decor than to 3D print [DaveMakesStuff]’s Teeth Cup.

It looks like [DaveMakesStuff] has done the equivalent of “kit bashing” by taking 3D models of a full teeth set and merging them with a tea cup. Details are pretty light but a Twitter thread (Nitter)has some clues about the process. The cup looks like it can be done in one print, support free. The smooth finish comes from bead blasting it which, as an added bonus in this case, provides the “dirty” look as the bead blaster is only normally used on nylon SLS prints.

Halloween is always a good source of inspiration for hacker projects and we’ve had many good entries from Halloween Hackfests of the past.

28 thoughts on “Relax And Have A Nice Cup Of Teeth

  1. That really sells the look, a little coloured pattern probably in blue and some gold gilt, and it really would seem like old slightly dirty real classy teacup at a glance, the shape and profile of the handle are just so right. Though that may make it just a little too disguised if you did it well, and actually spoil the effect if done badly.

          1. Giger is WAY creepier then you guys realize. Teeth should be surrounded by distorted labia. Penis handle with bites out of it.

            I’m not going to image search for ‘Education Chart No. 5 for Enlightenment of Gullenen’ (umlaut on the u) and you shouldn’t either. Likely put you on a list. Hopefully Google didn’t index it.

            But I’ve got the coffee table book. Glad my German is weak. Don’t really want to know what the text reads.

            Oops, translation is on opposite page…basically says ‘mind your own business’…has Education charts 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7. How bad were 3 and 4?

            If I told you what #5 showed, you wouldn’t believe me and the post would be deleted FOR SURE. Image would be deleted from 4chan, though it’s not illegal per se. Just beyond creepy, by a mile.

            Don’t search for it!

            I warned you not to search.

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