Hackaday Podcast Episode 275: Mud Pulse Telemetry, 3D Printed Gears In Detail, And Display Hacking In Our Future

Join Hackaday Editors Elliot Williams and Tom Nardi for a review of the best stories to grace the front page of Hackaday this week. Things kick off with the news about Raspberry Pi going public, and what that might mean for everyone’s favorite single-board computer. From there they’ll cover the technology behind communicating through mud, DIY pressure vessels, pushing the 1983 TRS-80 Model 100 to its limits, and the reality of 3D printing how that the hype has subsided. You’ll also hear about modifying Nissan’s electric vehicles, bringing new life to one of the GameCube’s oddest peripherals, and an unusually intelligent kayak.

The episode wraps up with some interesting (or depressing) numbers that put into perspective just how much copper is hiding in our increasingly unused telephone network, and a look at how hardware hackers can bend the display technology that’s used in almost all modern consumer electronics to our advantage.

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