Mathematical! 3D Printed BMO Has A Full Range Of Emotions


Big fan of Adventure Time? Then you’re going to love this adorable 3D printed BMO robot!

Adventure-what? Adventure Time is a “kids” TV show about Finn (the human) and Jake (the dog), and their personal computer, BMO, a quirky little robot Game Boy. It’s one of the shows that adults can enjoy as well — sometimes wondering how it even is a kids show compared to other stuff on TV!

Anyway, [Noé] and [Pedro] are big fans of the show and they have decided to try making their own 3D printed BMO. It makes use of an 8×8 LED matrix to display BMO’s full range of emotions, which is controlled by a Gemma — a tiny 1″ diameter Attiny85 platform board programmable with the Arduino IDE over USB. They’ve even found a super handy animation tool for the LED matrix, which allows you to very easily add your own expressions and animations — simply copy the output code, replace anim.h, and you’re in business!

Stick around to see how it’s done!

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