Quadruple Backflip And Sticks The Landing

This must have been a coding nightmare, and let’s not even mention the particulars of the mechanical build. The blurred ball near the center of this image is a robot doing a quadruple backflip before sticking the landing.

To the right is a high bar supported by a wood column and some guy-wires. At the beginning of the video below [Hinamitetu] hangs the robot from the bar where it starts its performance without any real motion. The servo motors whine as it gets ready; quickly getting up to speed with full revolutions around the bar. Oh how we wish there was more background info on the hardware! But we’re perfectly happy making our way through [Hinamitetu’s] video collection, which include other gymnastics disciplines like the floor routine. He even posted his own blooper reel that shows the high bar isn’t always a rosy experience.

If you’re thirsting for more amazing performances you won’t be disappointed by this high wire act.

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