old school bluetooth phone mod

bluetooth mod

a couple people sent this one in (thanks)–turn an old looking phone in to a bluetooth headset. in this example from tech tv uses a jabra bluetooth headset and an old fashion phone to make a seriously pointless, yet cool, bluetooth headset.

8 thoughts on “old school bluetooth phone mod

  1. Heh. This reminds me of my great aunt. She won’t buy a cell phone because they are too small for her to feel comfortable using. She says “They don’t feel like a phone.” Wonder what she’d think of this…

  2. I think i better buy this jabra for my hearing aid, i can just hack in and change the frequency that match my old ugly hearing aid… So, i can listen to the music, talk on phone, or communicate outside to the people.. I can do something like that with my old hearing aid into a better look…..
    Thanks for reminder

  3. plz can anyone tell me where i can get the bluetooth software called btext which makes the other persons cell restart 5times when he is searching for devices on bluetooth and also some cool new softwares for nokia7610 thanks and plz mail me at jay4940@hotmail.com

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