Old School Bluetooth Phone Mod

bluetooth mod

a couple people sent this one in (thanks)–turn an old looking phone in to a bluetooth headset. in this example from tech tv uses a jabra bluetooth headset and an old fashion phone to make a seriously pointless, yet cool, bluetooth headset.

8 thoughts on “Old School Bluetooth Phone Mod

  1. Heh. This reminds me of my great aunt. She won’t buy a cell phone because they are too small for her to feel comfortable using. She says “They don’t feel like a phone.” Wonder what she’d think of this…

  2. I think i better buy this jabra for my hearing aid, i can just hack in and change the frequency that match my old ugly hearing aid… So, i can listen to the music, talk on phone, or communicate outside to the people.. I can do something like that with my old hearing aid into a better look…..
    Thanks for reminder

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