playstation 2 portable project

playstation 2 portable

a lot of folks sent this in, so we’ll put it up here, so it’s always here in our console section…the playstation 2 portable project. an amazing hack, taking a psone, and using a PS2’s guts to make a portable version, nicely done.

16 thoughts on “playstation 2 portable project

  1. From what I read, there is NO PSOne parts in this machine. There is a PSOne portable *screen*, but the case is completely made from scratch.

  2. this is a very good hack.
    and also, i want to know how to get my hands on the hack that he shows
    that is a “snes portable”
    he states that he is using the snes portable only to use it’s screen.
    so if anyone knows about this hack or knows the guy tell him to post it here please!

  3. well… this is a great concept but really, whats the point with the psp round the corner? it will probably be easier to just hack the psp roms (media cards i mean)… well of course it will be, they are media! :)

  4. to #4: someone else who made one made a step by step guide that you could find by searching the forums on

    to #8: it is the smaller one. of course it’s gonna be chunky, it has to fit PS2 motherboard, screen with pcb, batteries(take lots of room), custom circut board for controls, original controller pcb, speakers, DVD drive, and a whole lot of wires

  5. Can somebody please tell me how I can hack my P/S 2 to enable me to play P/S1 games???? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…

  6. i see
    but when it come to the portable ps2
    the thing is made from a ps1
    well i dont know how that would work

    i mean you would need some sort of a
    adapter to keep it running.

    the olny thing thats the right size for that
    would be a tx-789 adapter
    if anybody has any qustions
    about this
    or anything email me

  7. im wondering if theres a way WITHOUT recking my PS2 memory card, to make it put 2 files of a game that only alows 1 file… anyone know what im talking about?

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