Use Gameboy Sp Batteries With The New Nintendo Ds


we’re going to try this out to confirm, but the folks at lik-sang cracked up their nintendo ds and it seems that you can chop off the two nubs on a gameboy sp battery and use them in the ds, which is good because we have a couple super-sp batteries here we’re going to try out. if it works, or if it doesn’t i’ll post it up.

19 thoughts on “Use Gameboy Sp Batteries With The New Nintendo Ds

  1. voltages are .1 between eachother. The gameboy won’t know the difference … You’ll get longer battery life if you can use the DS battery on the SP it looks like (850mah vs 600mah ). They’re both lithium batteries so it’s not really an issue …

  2. Another reason to why is maybe we have GBAs and bought two or three extra batteries for it, and now that we’re going to get a DS, we can take a GBA and a DS, and not have to bring two sets of extra batteries, jus tone, because it works in both machines. Same reason so many devices use common size batteries, for convienience and reduced cost.

  3. Actualy you will get a longer battery life on the GBA SP when using a DS battry. The reason is because the DS battry powers two proccesers, two screens (bouth back lit), sterio speakers, and a tuch screen, all for 10 hours strate. Where the SP
    only powers one procceser, one screen (front lit), one speaker. So you would get more than 20 hours of battry life using a DS battry in a GBA SP.

  4. Yeah, just cut off the nubs and it works just fine. Notice that the SP and DS chargers are exactly the same, plus, the battery lasts longerin the Sp. (lol at first I thought the SP would blow up)

  5. it does come in handy, say your experimenting on the ds charger and you put in more than it can handle. not only would it drain the battery in it, it would also make the ds unchargeable. but, if that happens you can put the battery in the sp and charge it.

  6. why is it that the ds can play GBA games…. and the GBA can play GBA games and GB games?

    i know the cards to GB are bigger the GBA slot on the DS. but with if you trim the plastic to fit in the slot

  7. To Jeremy: The Nintendo DS lacks the chipset necessary to run GB/C cartridges, which the Game Boy Advance DID have.
    Also, the GB/C cartridges do not physically fit into Slot 2 because of the design of the cartridge near the connector pins: GBA carts are “indented” some at the corners, while GB/C carts have standard corners. The GBA slot on the DS has two plastic bumps that will accommodate GBA carts, but no others.

    Also, this article’s content is good to know: I fear my DS’s battery is preparing to give up the ghost, so being able to use my old SP’s battery in it will prove to be handy.

  8. fisrt issue: BG on a DS. The DS has two separate games systems in it a GBA and a DS. the GBA has two games systems in it a GBA and a GB. In order to play GB on a DS you’d have to have three games systems in the one unit.

    Second Issue Battery life and voltage: A voltage difference of even 3 volts or so would not make a difference, voltage regulators take care of that. On the mahs, if you have a 600mah battery in teh DS and you replace it with a 700mah or an 850mah you will get 17% or 42% longer battery life. teh battery life of the GBA battery in the GBA is irrelevent to the battery life when takig the GBA battery to the DS. Oooohhhh, Math….Wow!

  9. hey guys, i see all the comments and i don’t really know what i’m after still. I don’t want to get in on this debate, i’d just like to ask if I can use the nintendo DS battery in the gba SP even though it doesn’t have those plastic bumps. Also are any other batteries compatible with the GBA SP, like PSP and such? I really wanna know if i can use a DS batery in my GBA SP that i just ordered. Idk anything about this stuf

  10. i would just like to note that while is handy that you can swap the batteries, you may not be able to make use of the extra capacity. here is a common example, a cordless drill battery. each battery has a specific charger. this is because the batteries are different capacities, like 2.2, 2.4, 3.0ah etc…. since many high performance batteries like good nicads, nimhs, lithiums…have fairly stable voltages untill depletion it is difficult to measure remaining juice by checking the voltage. so most chargers are timed to specific capacities. any one with a dumb charger for their airsoft or rc batteries knows you have to divide the battery’s total capacity by the chargers output to get the time required for a full charge. if you charge a nimh or nicad too long it will damage the cells lowering it’s capacity. this means a 2200mah battery that has say 200mah of juice left because it wasnt fully discharged, that is then taken and charged as if it was fully depleted would take damage. so now the total capacity would be say 1800mah and next time you go to charge it you make it even worse because you are calculating for a 2200 making the total difference 400mah. so if you take a 600mah sp battery and the ds charges it as if it was a 750mah it could be damaged. along with the advent of lithiums newer technologies are in place. it is almost impossible to see a voltage difference on a full vs half full lithium, like charlie sheen they party hard and then just go kaput. so the lithiums have temperature sensors that have resistance which varies with the temperature notifying the charger to stop charging. also the charger would frequently measure the current rate to determine charge state. with batteries like these that have little difference in capacity(well, i guess ~21% less is a fair bit) it probably wont matter. i would safely say that you could use a higher capacity battery in a device expecting less but not the other way around. if your ds doesnt over charge the smaller battery than kool, just make sure it doesnt get hot, listen for hissing, and remember that you have a piece of hazardous material in your hands.

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