better usb wireless security

usb security

there’s a pretty slick device called the “thanko usb pc lock” that will unlock and lock your pc based on how close your are to it (physically).

the only downside is the software that comes with seems a bit wonky, but–bryan batchelder rolled up a better version which to address all the complaints we had, the future features look pretty sweet too.


  1. Not a hack but still pretty spiffy

  2. writing new software for an existing device is not a hack? jeez.

  3. yes…but downloading and running software isn’t…

  4. bryan’s stuff to me is a hack, so, whateva’

  5. Kroc Camen says:

    This is doing something to a product that was not provided out of the box, therefore it is a hack.

  6. drlzrdmn says:

    just use a wired one – its cheaper more secure and realy not that bad. The only application for wireless oones are for media center pcs, in which case security dosen’t matter too much.

  7. sebastien says:

    I’de like some one to write an app for my pocket pc and my desktop to do the same but with wifi and the computer would lock if lets say the signla of the wifi connection would be less then X and unlock if signal is more then x. this could be doen by mesuring the wifi srtengt of the ppc since it will probably connect to a wifi router or ap near the desktop.

  8. jack says:

    who cares if it is a hack the creator of this website wont want to keep putting his time and effort in to doing all this if every one is being gay about it so just shut up and try the hacks out and have fun with them instead of pretending to be a hardcore hacker

  9. Wow…you seriously don’t know what you’re talking about, but I refuse to act like an idiot by getting into an argument with one.

  10. mobilexile says:

    you guys are taking the beauty out of what pt has done by creating this site.

  11. Steven boger says:
  12. Woody2143 says:
  13. this is not a hack really…
    anyway it sounds intresting…
    wonder what happens if you loose the ‘key’…

  14. Dane Orlove says:

    i like the android platform but it does have some weaknesses with security…

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