rotary cell phone

rotary cell phone

somebody over at spark fun decided that those 1980s zach morris cell phones just weren’t retro-cool enough.  keith swett sent us the link to this hack which involves retrofitting an old 1950s at&t rotary phone with modern day tri-band cell hardware.

make sure to turn it off when you are in the theatre.


  1. barbobot says:

    I love hacks like this

  2. Nils says:

    Very cool, this could easily be used to get some great laughs – imagine your phone ring in the subway, then pull out this baby to talk. People around you would die from laughter. :-)

  3. dan says:

    Or just make ring with a remote, this would
    be a blast at the bar ;-)

  4. cafn8 says:

    I love this, and I’m really tempted to do something similar, but I think this project isn’t really complete without a mechanical typewriter hacked to type text messages.

  5. Doug Thacker says:

    Great hack. Just one thing, though. Believe or not, the black rotary desk set of this style wasn’t used in the fifties, as you say; this style was most common in the sixties, and maybe even the seventies.

  6. xitanul says:

    does anyone know how to make a cellphone attachment like this, but only using the the piece you hold to talk and hear out of

  7. xitanul says:

    does anyone know how to make a cellphone attachment like this, but only using the the piece you hold to talk and hear out of

  8. Joe says:

    sure.. it’s not too hard to take apart a cell phon e headset and wire it up to an old desktop phone handset.

  9. cde says:

    After quite a bit of searching, and finding out Alex and Yoshi were both fired from techtv (Wasn’t Alex the one who screwed up the exif preview where she was naked ~_^ ) I found the Yoshi mod I was looking for. Yoshi takes a blue tooth hands free attachment and mods it into the handle of an old school 20th century phone. with little change you can do the same to any wired handsfree attachment.

    heres the symlink:

  10. Elias says:

    is it a pcs or gsm mobile? i didnt get that bit from the website, brilliant idea though

  11. jason's mom says:

    I grew up in the 50s and I remember our family having a phone just like this. (The “princess” phones came out in the 60s.)
    This would be a very useful hack for me because I can never find my cellphone. Plus it would bring back fond memories. Maybe my son will make one for me. :)

  12. Richard Ake says:

    It would be sooooo cool in a fisher price chatter phone !!!

  13. dan says:

    LOL ! or even a shoe cell phone

  14. Ryan says:

    holy crap!!! i call the shoe phone!!!

    but what if you step in doo?

  15. Steven-x says:

    Very cool! I built a touchtone phone interface for a cell phone (purpose was to test a Palm Pilot modem interface). Used a hybrid design taken off the web. I simply ran it into the hands-free jack. It worked, and even dialed, but had to get the phone on the air first.

  16. :O the best hack i have ever seen…

  17. Pip says:

    that is the coolest! I wanted to combine my rotary with a polariod camera, but your hack is just as sweet!

  18. josh says:

    This was a very cool hack.

    I saw this new toy on thinkgeek, and it’s along the same lines as this hack. It’s a much easier hack…but I think you guys can do it.

    Here is the picture.

  19. Michal says:

    I need to block a cell of a girl i hate. She has Samsung. I need eg. sms bombers, specials code. anything that i could send her and block her cell or most prefarably her Sim card!!!!
    please help me

  20. Alan says:

    Great Hack! It would be cool to use the dialer instead of the keypad to enter an alarm disarm code for an alarm system.

  21. HEllahulla says:

    This is a very cool hack.
    I collect old pulse dial phones from the 20’s and 30’s and this device could easily be modified to convert pulse dial to tone dial when the phone networks no longer allow pulse dialling.
    It’ll take some work to modify but it could work.

  22. inno says:

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  24. scott nichols says:

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  26. Percy Fox says:

    Eeeps! I finally tracked down a cellphone suitable for the project but now the URL returns a 404! Where did the instructions go?

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