hackaday links


links. not the linux browser, but the awesome webnet kind

sometimes the best things can be sweet and simple

altoids tin battery? sweet brah! but an altoids tin optical mouse is wicked too.

it’s about time we got throwaway e-mail addresses for spam

visually compare yahoo! and google searches [BroccoliofDoom]
wikipedia on CD or DVD is wicked
view flash source code
robotic suits are on the market, where’s yours?
help get a psp netstumbler get goin [DUBAYOU]

and you think you’re such a tough hacker eh? well then enter the PSP and Nintendo DS hacking contest and win some prizes.


  1. Hal Hockersmith says:

    Um, We’ve had throw away email for a while.
    Try Spamhole (none to reliable) http://www.spamhole.com
    or try
    My trash mail (adds galore) http://www.mytrashmail.com

    Pookmail looks cleaner then my trashmail but is similar in use. Nice find though.

    (Ps how is that a hack?)

  2. DUBAYOU says:

    Thanks for the Link. :)

  3. Greg says:

    http://www.mailinator.com works great too, and not so many ads either.

  4. t3h l33t says:

    http://www.dodgeit.com is another service like this.

  5. Chris says:

    What the hell? I made an optical mouse years ago that’s much cooler because it’s in a Penguin Mint tin. Where’s my bloody recognition?!?! (check it out, I also have a cheez-it router, a sweet xbox paint job, and a palm pilot with a case window.) ( http://zuma.phire.org/index.php?page=art )

  6. sean says:



    also good is http://www.bugmenot.com, skip the registration process for a lot of sites by checking a big database for existing accounts, especially good as a firefox extension

  7. julz says:

    nice, pookmail is what i need. thanks for the link. :)

  8. Brian p says:

    I have been using http://www.mailinator.com for throwaway email addresses. I even wrote a desktop app that will monitor a mailinator accoutn for new mail and it wil lsend any mail to my home email address automatically. It’s freeware and you can find it here: http://nator.pipasoft.com


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