hackaday meetups

get ready to meetup this week hackers! we’re meeting up all of june and then starting in july, bi-weekly.

Philadelphia, PA, USA: (vince)
wheredrexel field at 34th and Chestnut sts. just look for me with gizmos and hacking stuff.
when: friday, june 24th -  7:30pm EST.  don’t be tardy
what to expect: we’ll be talking about hackaday and defcon and coverage there. it’s coming up so we wanna talk about it. we’ll see how progress is going with the CVS camcorder and we’ll also be discussing about wi-fi, the sony AIBO and how you can program it, applications, and social engineering. it should be a great time. bring your laptops and digital cameras and/or video cameras. it’ll be inside so it should be cool, crisp, and full of fun. esp. with wi-fi. brandon, feel free to bring your linksys router.
rules: not many except i expect all of you who show up to be polite, kind, friendly, and to introduce yourselves. i will not tolerate any kind of rudeness/offensiveness/hate. we’ll tie you down and make you become the next goatse.
who to contact: vince via e-mail

Lincoln, NE, USA
: (eliot)
where: The Coffeehouse.
when: thursday next week, 30th.
what to expect: Eliot says, “I’m pushing this back hoping to get a better response. If you didn’t make it last time make sure you contact me to let me know when a good day/time to meet would be. We’re a smaller group so we can be pretty flexible. Be prepared to discuss some projects you’d like to see.”
who to contact: eliot via e-mail

Roanoke, VA, USA:
where: the coffee shop “De Espresso”located at the corner of jefferson and church street in downtown roanoke. Here is the google map link.
when: friday, june 24th – 3:30pm EST
what to expect: plan to discuss projects past and present (hopefully
the cvs camcorder hack). Also, since most of the people i have talked to
are case modders, i have two old dells that i plan to donate to some sort
of hack like the PVR in an old VCR


  1. tired says:

    Not to be a “re-poster”, but A few friends of mine as well as a couple cool hackaday users have started an irc channel for those of us who want to talk, hang out, share ideas, and ask others hacking related stuff….

    #hackaday on the EFNET network

    If you decided to come join us, hang out for a little while, tons of people joined last post, but promptly left dude to a smaller user list. I think if we all stay for a few days we could get a pretty good group of hardware hackers together.

    Tired. (austin, tx)

  2. bm5k says:

    I’d like to say that, so far, there has been a suprising lack of interest in the Boston area. So far only a couple people have contacted me with suggestions/ideas regarding a local meeting. If you are from the area, please email me @ byronbowermangmailcom, or for better results, I’m on AIM almost around the clock; my SN is bmfivek.

  3. fucter says:
  4. Hackaday Meetups… Marietta, GA (North of Atl) anyone intrerested? I have the meeting place setup just give me a date////

  5. BM5k says:

    Ok, for those of you that are interested (but unable to post for some reason) Sharon and I will be at Faneuil Hall Market(http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Boston,+MA&spn=0.015254,0.022273&hl=en) tomorrow night @ 7:30. We’ll wait around, prolly till 8 at least, for people before we start to look for something else to do.

    If you plan on showing up, please e-mail me (byronbowermangmailcom) or IM me (bmfivek on AIM).

  6. Mike Hogg says:

    HEy is anyone ever going to set one of these up in so cal?

  7. anonymous coward says:

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your IRC channel appears to be banned, “no hacking, cracking, bla blah blah blah”.

  8. pabell says:

    Any Meetups for NYC in the works?

  9. Jpantoga says:

    the channel is definately not banned.

  10. Dave says:

    Are there any videos from the last one? I can’t get to PA in 30mins because of work but would love to atleast see what goes on.

  11. Muhzark says:

    WTF?? Where all the cool links n’ fun stuff be at?

  12. DNordbak says:

    Mike, I do think one of these would be interesting, but the we’d just have to find a good central location. I’m located in South OC, how about yourself? And, I was thinking maybe the ferris wheel at the spectrum might be a good place to start, and have it during the day even, so it isn’t packed like normal. Just a suggestion

  13. kiddanger says:

    i am down for a socal meeting, if anyone wants to host. spectrum would be good, even though its gonna be a drive for me since i live in city of industry.

  14. yeah your channel is most certainly banned. dont go giving us a bad (Yo! MTV)rap(s).

  15. John F says:

    damnit i’d love to go to the boston meet but i’m working ’till 9 :(

  16. strazzere says:

    i’d love to come to boston, but i’m thinking everyone should post these types of meetings atleast one week in advance…. there a great thing to do and have weekly… but you can’t notify people a day or two in advance… thats great for kids on college breaks who don’t have jobs – however it’s tough for people who have lots of things to do. I could easily make it nearly anytime of the week, i just need more than two days notice… preferably a week…

  17. tired says:

    I assure you the channel is alive and active:

    #hackaday on efnet

    if your ‘banned’, try a different efnet server, as there might be some problem.
    The ban list is empty.

    My nick is Tired2, pm me if you cant join, i’ll invite you.

  18. Kyle says:

    Awesome. I’m going to Drexel university next year. I’ll try to be there. Can anyone give me instructions from the train to this place?

  19. Michael says:

    Still looking for potentials in the Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina

    (Hendersonville would be the spot, so far we have a few responses)

    sykosoft @ sykosoft.com

  20. softice says:

    I’m thinking of going to the roanoke,va meeting. What are you all looking for? I’m starting to get into 802.11 ant building (I mean really just starting) and I’m mod’ing a wifi card that I havn’t seen around on the net yet. posted pics on my board a bit ago, still need to go to radio supply for the connections.

    I was wandering if it was cool for me to come around, if I had no idea about the cvs cam hack(I will read up on it).

  21. #hackaday on efnet works for me. No banned nor other problems.

  22. Bm5k says:

    I really think that asking for at least a week’s notice for a (bi)weekly meeting is just a little much. I understand that one day is short notice, and if you can’t make it because of a prior engagement, that’s ok. Since only a few of you even spoke up before I posted a time & place, Sharon and I decided to just pick somewhere easy to find.Those of you who did email me earlier this week had a pretty good idea that the meeting would be Thursday, downtown, around 7:30. We’ll be there. We hope you’ll be there. If you can’t make it but want to be a part of the next meeting please email me: byron.bowerman@gmail.com. I’d really like to meet up once a month, during the week. As far as exact time/location, make some suggestions.

  23. bsx says:

    Would anyone be interested in getting an Orlando meetup going?

  24. Scott says:

    Personally, I think that all of the meet-up info should be in a different section of the site, rather than main-page posts. Most likely there’s a significant number of people who just want to read the hacks and check out the links. But that’s just an opinion. Carry on!

  25. eleongonzales says:

    Softice, yea feel free to come to the meeting in roanoke, its open to all. Email me~> elongonzales_AT_gmail_DOT_COM

  26. ACe says:

    There is a meeting in marietta, ga? does anyone know when and where?

  27. Martianman says:

    I’m by no means a huge hacker, but I think this site is awesome. I live in the Atlanta area, and would love to hit a gathering in Marietta, GA.

  28. wolff says:

    anyone interested in a meet-up in the Memphis area? contact me thewolff000@gmail.com

  29. hugh janis says:

    Hmm, I don’t see any Drexel building at 34th and Chestnut, any specifics on where this building is and the name of it or exact address?


  30. dr. apocalypse says:

    i’d be interested in a so cal meetup

  31. DNordbak says:

    where are you located dr.? It looks like there are about 4 people that would be interested in the so cal area, we would just need someone to set it all up.

  32. all up for an Marietta (north ATL) meetup email me for the when you are up too it and what you would like to cover…

  33. Huri Kanai says:

    Mark down one more for SoCal. Not a huge fan of rampant commercialism, but the Spectrum is a perfect central location.

  34. Josh says:

    So little warning on the boston one is the problem. I would go but I’m still at work! The ride(on a bike) from waltham to faniel hall is a hour long affair. People should put thier heads together and plan one a month or so in advance.

  35. ACe says:

    yeah im down for the meetup but whats your email #32?
    email me at emase113@hotmail.com to lemme know when. im down for anytime.

  36. Hey, me (I’m 16), my dad, and a few friends would love to go to a meetup in Marietta, GA. I live 15 minutes away from the Marietta Square, if you know where that is. I can also help out by bringing food/drinks/whatever if need be..

    would be kinda cool to see who all shows up.

    shoot me an email if anything formulates.

  37. nfrascella@gmail.com

    email that for marietta meetup stuff…. we would probbly meetup either…. Mellow Mushroom at Shallowford and trickum or somewhere where we can get some wifi…. how is June 26th? also what would you guys like to talk about?

  38. on the agenda for the marietta meetup will be social enginerring… the Cobb Power TO learn annciative… hopefully some wardriving intros.. xbox modding…. and anything else fun…. and hacky….

  39. Marietta Meetup SUnday June 26th

    time meet in front starting at 6:45…

    Location: Mellow Mushroom…. Or Local Residance… Depending on the
    wifi issues….

    Google Map of Mellow Mushroom….


    on the agenda for the marietta meetup will be social enginerring…
    the Cobb Power TO learn thing aka (ibooks for the kids)… hopefully
    some wardriving intros.. xbox modding…. and anything else fun….
    and hacky….

  40. Josh says:

    What does fellow bostonians think of getting together for the MIT swap meet the third sunday of next month?


  41. orphrey says:

    There was actually some talk of that at the Boston meet. One of the other gus and me sell at the flea sometimes and other times we buy.

    I’m all for going there, if everone else wants to get up that early. Shall we meet at TKT’s front door at 15 mins before the gate opens?

    TKT = TransKaryotic Technologies or something equally bizzare, on Albany st, across the street from the flea. Directions on flyer linked in post 40.

  42. Hugh janis says:

    VINCE, where are you, we are all here?

  43. aamir says:

    About 20 folks showed up and hung out from 7:30 till about 9:00 and vince never showed. We had a bit of fun chit chatting, but it was sorta disappointing

  44. Kyle says:

    So vince – as a few gentlemen were discussing – do we get hospital pics? no other excuse! ;-)

    It was interesting talkingt to everyone, and the nintendroid is awesome.

  45. Cosmo says:

    We weren’t tardy, Vince.. guess who was! Go on, guess.. :)

    (Thanks to Mir who showed off his ubuntu linux laptop.. just finished downloading it!)

    Even tho Vince didn’t come, it was still interesting meeting up with similarly minded people.. so I’m only partially disappointed..

  46. hugh janis says:

    So as to better coordinate future meetings in Philly area and for a space where those of us met each other in person where we can get in touch with one another, I created a yahoo group:


    So as to cut down on spammers, you must be approved to post in group, I will check about twice a day.

  47. aamir says:

    cosmo, glad I piqued your interest in ubuntu and linux.

  48. I’ve created a google group (http://groups-beta.google.com/group/bostonhackaday) for the Boston area meeting. You have to be a member to post, but any member can invite you. Any questions, byron.bowerman AT gmail DOT com

  49. Jay_roc says:

    I would be interested in having a meeting somewhere in the Tempe, West Mesa, Chandler, Awhatukee area in Arizona.

  50. keith says:

    i created a google group to plan atlanta area meetings:


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