Master lock “picking”

combination lock

Here’s any easy method for backing out the combination of a Master Lock. In a perfect world there would be 64,000 possible lock combinations (403). The construction of the lock prevents this from happening: sloppiness in the dial and the numbers are not mathematically independent. First step is to determine the last number in the sequence. You can then use that number to determine the other possible numbers in the combination. You will end up with about 100 combinations to try, but that’s far better than having to throw the lock out which I’m sure would happen if you had to try 64,000.

UPDATE: x04d sent in a video demo (DivX) (dead link) of how to open a lock in 2 sec. using a padlock shim.

UPDATE: The linked video above has long been dead. Check out our more recent Master lock post for an embedded shimming video

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hackaday meetups

get ready to meetup this week hackers! we’re meeting up all of june and then starting in july, bi-weekly.

Philadelphia, PA, USA: (vince)
wheredrexel field at 34th and Chestnut sts. just look for me with gizmos and hacking stuff.
when: friday, june 24th –  7:30pm EST.  don’t be tardy
what to expect: we’ll be talking about hackaday and defcon and coverage there. it’s coming up so we wanna talk about it. we’ll see how progress is going with the CVS camcorder and we’ll also be discussing about wi-fi, the sony AIBO and how you can program it, applications, and social engineering. it should be a great time. bring your laptops and digital cameras and/or video cameras. it’ll be inside so it should be cool, crisp, and full of fun. esp. with wi-fi. brandon, feel free to bring your linksys router.
rules: not many except i expect all of you who show up to be polite, kind, friendly, and to introduce yourselves. i will not tolerate any kind of rudeness/offensiveness/hate. we’ll tie you down and make you become the next goatse.
who to contact: vince via e-mail

Lincoln, NE, USA
: (eliot)
where: The Coffeehouse.
when: thursday next week, 30th.
what to expect: Eliot says, “I’m pushing this back hoping to get a better response. If you didn’t make it last time make sure you contact me to let me know when a good day/time to meet would be. We’re a smaller group so we can be pretty flexible. Be prepared to discuss some projects you’d like to see.”
who to contact: eliot via e-mail

Roanoke, VA, USA:
where: the coffee shop “De Espresso”located at the corner of jefferson and church street in downtown roanoke. Here is the google map link.
when: friday, june 24th – 3:30pm EST
what to expect: plan to discuss projects past and present (hopefully
the cvs camcorder hack). Also, since most of the people i have talked to
are case modders, i have two old dells that i plan to donate to some sort
of hack like the PVR in an old VCR