11 thoughts on “Hackaday links

  1. that last link about salvaging electronics parts was great.

    anyone know how to find out what the frequency is of a crystal clock that you’ve salvaged?

    also, the morphing wall was AMAZING!

  2. when i was out at chapters i saw a similer mod as the cd rom window only it was done on a harddrive out right the guy warns every one not to use a new drive for this lol

  3. did anybody see “the edge”? with anthony hopkins and alec baldwin? andy mentions the fire from ice trick, which i guess was supposed to symbolize never giving up or something. but he says it right after they fail to get picked up by a plane, so the dialogue is kind of like this:

    hopkins: do you know how to make fire from ice, bob?
    baldwin: aaaaaggghhhh!
    hopkins: shape it into a lens
    baldwin: waaaaaaarrgghhhhh!

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