7 thoughts on “Macro Photography Rig

  1. This was very cool – does anyone know of a simila site for doing the same idea with the usual retail Dig-Camera? I’ve been tinkering around with trying to get a laser-triggering system that will either/or trigger an external flash, or “pusha-da-button” and snap a pic.

  2. What an elaborate system seems real awkward and cumbesum to use, I viewed all the sample images and their is truly only one image that stands out, I’m not really impressed with the performance as much as I’m with the sophistication of the laser trigger contraption itself and the effort to build it. And besides to an insects aspect it must look like Megatron or that robot Godzilla, probably will scare the dickens out of butterflies.

    Let me have a go at the contraption and I’ll give you real feedback on it :)


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