Hackaday links

Congratulations to [Markie] for making it onto BoingBoing and MAKE with his Hack-A-Day iPod sock. I can Digg it. We know he’s just trying to shake the moniker of “cute bunny photographer“.

Episode 002 of NerdTV is available now, even though they haven’t updated the homepage. Fbz got a little impatient and decided to dig for it. UPDATE: It’s been officially released.

[Jon] downplayed his cd dividers when he sent in the link, but I think they look pretty appealing.

You don’t need a serial number to get a new Playstation AC cord from the recall. [Ozmotear]

[Wiltj] knows that no one will want to steal his Bazooka sub knockoff.

German gallery of UAVS [thanks dad]

[Seth fogie] wrote this roundup of PSP emulators and ISOs. This is actually one of the few reasons I’d buy a PSP since it has the correct number of buttons to emulate a SNES, unlike the GBA.

[sulk] modified his Playgear PSP case so he could use it with USB.

A beautiful gallery of old iron [j. peterson] UPDATE: There might be a trojan on this page. [Anon]

[sega01] saw our spudgun victim and decided to show some pictures from his laptop+fireworks period. What have you guys got against Toshibas? I just take my stuff to hazmat like a good citizen. I wouldn’t have if I had known I’d be hired here a week later.

[Jake] is going to hell for this link.

If you missed it in the comments [dick] sent in his friend’s April fools printer hack.

[jaa] modified his T610 cameraphone for IR.

Google recently rolled out Blog search. We’ve got a Google hack category now; if you come up with something clever/abusive send it in. Read the FAQ to get started.

I hope you enjoyed all of the linkage.

15 thoughts on “Hackaday links

  1. i think for that link its euope. i just went on us.playstation.com and got one, they did want a barcode so i just typed one that was on the back of my old regular ps2 and it worked.

  2. about the old iron link- heres a link the laptop version (Gridcase) that were/are used in the space shuttle http://www.pd.com/gis.html

    I have one of them, rugged as hell, and nice to keep in jeep on off-road adventures.

    I noticed one on EBAY for sale.

    for those interested in hacking a “everything-hard-wired” laptop

  3. the “protection” at the sony adapter recall page is simple css (display:none). so.. everyone go get their free ac adapters :)

  4. ipod sock hack ^^:

    looks weird to me .. markie stitches a skull on his sock. Feels like Dr.Death bakes pies in his spare time :-p

  5. With the sony AC adapter recall… You need the barcode number and manufacturer date, without correct ones they won’t send you the cable… typing in a random number of the correct number of digits doesn’t work either. My old PS2 one didn’t work (plus they’ll probably check them later anyway). Oh well.

  6. As for the thing about a trojan on that page, it’s nothing to worry about. This person has used a very clever way of hiding some Javascript in the bottom of his pages. This one uses eval(String.fromCharCode) to hide a link to http://www.noxdeco.com/net.html which is a page counter.

  7. Hey, Well, Im going to try to configure a PS1 controller port(s), the whole unit, to a USB cable, I don’t know which yet.

    But My buddy said his friend tried to do that, but it didn’t work. Im asking if it’s possible?


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