Tiny wireless motion sensor

wireless motion

[Nate True] states several times that there isn’t any good use for this project, but his wireless motion sensor is still fun. The transmitter features a passive infrared motion sensor. It sends the output over the 433MHz band to the receiver module. The receiver has a small piezo that plays sounds based on the PIR’s output. His project is featured The Bleeding Edge 006.


  1. Jeff says:

    No good use? I can think of many, Hope I can constuct this hack myself. Anyone willing to make some and sell to me?

  2. YES!!!! A simple proximity detector for my room.

    Im live in a corner of the basement and it is a long walk to my room. Now i can install one of these to know when my brother is comming and begin doing something so i can say im busy and have him leave me alone.

    Put one in your shed and then wire it up to an amp. Then inside your house have a speeker hooked up to the house for you suspicious types

  3. If you view the video at Gear Live. Skip forward to 33:15 and that is where the demo starts.

  4. Jakeh says:

    No good use? Tell that to The Smoking Man, who had one on the path to the cabbin he was hiding in! (epp. 5×20, i believe)

    Too nerdy?


  5. tony valle says:

    Perfect tool for the sleeping employee who wants to know when the boss is walking down the hall.

  6. Steve says:

    Nate, i do not know if you read hackaday, but:

    sexy project and sexy javascript ;-)

  7. Jakeh says:

    Hmm, nice idea tony! It wouldn’t be too hard to wire it in to a keyboard so that it “presses” alt-tab… Join me tony, together we can end productivity!

  8. Billy says:

    Does the video give detailed instructions on it? Cause it will take me forever to DL (768 Kb DSL) and I don’t want to waste my time….

    -Thanks in advance
    P.S. Jeff if this video is detailed I’ll build you one…….

  9. Ian says:

    It doesn’t show you any instructions on how to build one. it just demos the useage. i wish he put up a more indepth walkthrough. or just instructions, he just gives a partlist, and a general idea…

  10. nightstalker says:

    this will make sneaking cookies a lot easier to get away with… *evil grin* heh…

  11. Jaden Flores says:

    motion sensors are very useful when you want to detect stray animals or burglars on the move:*;

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