11 thoughts on “Tiny Wireless Motion Sensor

  1. YES!!!! A simple proximity detector for my room.

    Im live in a corner of the basement and it is a long walk to my room. Now i can install one of these to know when my brother is comming and begin doing something so i can say im busy and have him leave me alone.

    Put one in your shed and then wire it up to an amp. Then inside your house have a speeker hooked up to the house for you suspicious types

  2. Does the video give detailed instructions on it? Cause it will take me forever to DL (768 Kb DSL) and I don’t want to waste my time….

    -Thanks in advance
    P.S. Jeff if this video is detailed I’ll build you one…….

  3. Billy-
    It doesn’t show you any instructions on how to build one. it just demos the useage. i wish he put up a more indepth walkthrough. or just instructions, he just gives a partlist, and a general idea…

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