We’re back Hack-A-Day mini-extra

Hack-A-Day got a little upgrade. We’ve got comments back, a major blogsmith update and a new server. In celebration I’m whipping up a short late night extra.

[max] sent in his ethernet temperature monitor.
I had some interest in my Tie Fighter VR joystick, so I ressurected the design.
[Todd] sent in a makeshift pizza sauce can furnace for melting metals.
We keep getting the time fountain submitted – uv leds and florescing dye.
[Kmangwing] sent in a pen sized omni 2.4ghz antenna
I don’t even know what to say about this one.
[Wiesi] sent in his linksys EFG120 NAS device hack

With all the changes things are bound to be wonky. Point, laugh and let us know what you think. The site is driven by tips, so shout out if you’ve got one.


  1. Erik says:

    What happened to the RSS feed? It’s not working..

    I’m glad the comments are back, though.

  2. annie says:

    well I’m glad to see Hackaday is running smoothly once more.

    I find the vibrator odd and disturbing, though certainly imaginative.

  3. Monster says:

    i want to read the article when some woman brakes off the dildo inside her and has to go to the hospital on fark.com

  4. Maybe a NSFW on the vibe?

  5. Hack-A-Day we’re back and now more beta than ever.

  6. n3ldan says:

    capitilazation? HERESY!

  7. kevinin says:

    great to see our comments again!
    hope your hacks stay the way they are ;)

  8. james says:

    Yes, I must agree with Neldan. Capitalization would be very nice. What’s the point of forcing us to use all lowercase?

  9. tiuk says:

    good stuff, glad comments are back. keep up the great work man.

  10. fbz says:

    wow, we are _so_ beta. rock on had! yay for blogsmith juice.

  11. 1101 says:

    The video being called “in action” is pretty misleading!

  12. Mentor says:

    glad the comments are back!!

    and the time fountain is the thing i really want to have, coolest thing in years!!

  13. jaycruz says:

    love everything about hackaday, check it everyday. ive made many of the projects listed on this site and i plan on making many more. thank you hackaday, congrats on everything; new server, aniversary, and of course comments are back! goodnight everyone.

  14. Jim says:

    i enjoyed the comment break. Less steve, more hacks.

  15. Tom Parker says:

    Woo hoo the comments are back!

  16. danadamkof says:


  17. anonc says:

    I, too, would appreciate a not work safe tag around the lego device.

  18. steve says:

    yes we all back lovely jublie we might get some decent hacks now you never know and plz plz no more LEDS LOTS OF LOVE STEVE

  19. Arem says:

    Please keep up the hackaday extras! They were awesome, and I’d love to see them resurrected!

  20. Jay says:

    Can we just block steve now??? :P

  21. n3ldan says:

    @james, no, they shouldn’t use capitalization, but they are…

    look at the title of this page, or any of the rss feed, and you will see capitalization.

    Also, the lego thing is definetly safe for work, theres nothing even remotely not safe unless a piece of lego moving up and down is unsafe, in which case, your work must suck.

  22. wisefire says:

    damn dude that time fountain is so awesome.. i love it.. would be perfect to teach kids about gravity and water and a lot of other stuff.

  23. steve says:

    ah thank you! the hackaday-extra is what i liked best about this site; glad to see a return!

  24. adaminc says:

    that dildo looks like a torture device that repeatedly stabs a woman

  25. Max kelley says:

    gone is the time of teh windoeez servur!?!!

  26. Sgt Pyroman says:

    I’d have to say that Lego…object… looks pretty dangerous. The gearing and everything seems fine, but maybe the actual moving apparatus should be replaced with something a little more… internally friendly.

  27. Web Girl says:

    The dildo one is interesting. Reminds me of the sex machine toys that are made by using a reciprocating saw or saws all with a dildo on the end. Gives a whole new meaning to getting drilled! LOL!
    Your site rocks cheers!

  28. Angi says:

    ummm…a lego vibrator? That’s a project that I’d like to build…

  29. bigboy says:

    I worry about lego’s falling appart “in there” – this version is safer…


  30. william says:

    congrats on everything, glad the comments are back. hack-a-day extras are awesome, i miss them. thanks for this one anyway.

  31. Brian says:

    The tie fighter glove has captured my interest and im making a glove based on your design. i may post it eventually when i get it to work. the problem im having is securing the glove tight enough to push the connector stuff without moving the glove. i think i have a solution tho. anyways great stuff.

  32. Korvost says:

    The Lego one was priceless…

  33. MAGIC says:

    add plyeas!

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