Kaoss Pad Guitar Mod

kaos pad mod

Phil sent in his sweet Korg Kaoss Pad guitar mod. The Kaoss Pad is a sound effects processor/midi controller with a touch interface. He mounted the touch interface into an Epiphone Les Paul and connected it with a DB9 cable to the pads body. If you’re not quite sure what it does, Phil does a nice demo in his youtube video, and the guitar looks killer with the glowing pad.

19 thoughts on “Kaoss Pad Guitar Mod

  1. Hack a Day has really been degrading in quality the past few months.. Not only in poorer hacks, but the site itself. On top of the comments not working, not even linking to the correct hack, and the poor descriptions, it just plain looks like shit now.

    I really do hope that Hack a Day gets better, because of how it is now, I am worried.

  2. Is it just me, or did the whole layout of the site change slightly with this switch to new software?

    Anyway, this hack is pretty cool, but I can’t believe that he used chisels to cut that hole out. That job would take minutes with a jig saw, vs. hours with hand tools.

  3. I must put pen to paper as they say. i think steve is the only sensible person on here his comments are always very knowledgeable and informative.i think he is professor of good hack bad hack university ! as always i look forward to his wise and clever comments keep up the good work steve…..

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