Hack-A-Day tv

Jared at inventgeek did aninterview and HAD got some screen time. You can catch it here. We get mentioned near the end. Jared, your office is way too clean.


  1. bird603568 says:

    you spelled his name jared and jarod just an fyi

  2. Michael says:

    What a crappy video piece. Does it even qualify as an interview if he just shows a bunch of pictures from the site and splices Jared listing off things from the site together? Thanks for nothing, Peter Rosen.

  3. Michael, well it’s much better than most local news tech pieces which are complete garbage.
    Most basically rip off a story, castrate it and don’t credit sources.

  4. jared bouck says:

    It was a hack job of editing. And yes it is true the ole peter isn’t a techno geek at heart… but it was good PR none the less for the modding community. So in the end I guess that it was a good bit of PR but not an interview. And by the way… that was 3.5 hours of pure fun to get that.

  5. ... says:

    Why did this entry show up under the microwave welder one?

    I think this is a first…

  6. Mike says:


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