Five dollar eprom programmer

A couple years ago I spent a good week wiring up a fairly complex EPROM programmer so I could burn a prom for my jeeps EFI system. Today I ran across this $5 version. build built by Jay Kominek He uses shift registers to handle the addressing and IO lines, all driven directly by the parallel port. There’s no way to escape the number of pins that have to be wired up, but the schematic itself is pretty simple.
[By the way, arcade supply shops are a great source for cheap UV erase EPROMS.]

[Update: I’d forgotten about the voltage change (3 vs 5 if I remember) needed to write UV EPROMS vs EEPROMS. With a little mod, you can certainly use this for EPROMS as well.]

19 thoughts on “Five dollar eprom programmer

  1. Great hack! I had wanted to build something similar, basically a parallel to serial EEPROM adapter. Using some 7400 or 4000 series shift registers I could reasonably approximate a simplified I2C bus, and get to reuse all the old EPROM and EEPROM chips I have. The goal was originally intended for a Basic Stamp, but could work with a PIC or a standard serial port with a little more work. If anybody knows how to do the whole I2C bus approximation in discrete logic easily, please post. Implementing the automatic address shift, rollover, and controll registers seems pretty hard without a micro of some sort.

  2. you burned a prom for your jeeps EFI system? what kinda of jeep?(I myself have a 92YJ) do you have anymore info on this, because I would love to read up on that.

  3. Soldering the pins on a DB connector is nothing compared to doing surface mount stuff. -I’m spooked!

    Anyhoo, that’s a great project right there! Well done!

  4. Is there a source of information on programming the eeprom in a fuel injection system? All i can seem to find is the “Send use the box and 3000 and well send it back chipped” sites.

  5. maybe it’s me, but wouldn’t most people who would use eeproms already be into microcontrollers? seems to me that you could build an equally simple pic or avr programmer that would perform better.

    neat project, but i don’t see the application.

  6. i made the programmer because i was a poor college student (this design dates to 2000), and i couldn’t afford any sort of microcontroller programmer. this could be made without any programmed parts (besides a computer, anyways), and i could find, scrounge or beg the shift registers.

    (also, i’ve been reading hackaday for awhile now, and got a real kick out of seeing some of my work featured. thanks. :)

  7. sorry people have nothing better to do but be critical about spelling, very good find/hack if you have more information about hacking vehicle cpu’s post them please.

  8. I’m with “Psychorngd” and “verycool” I’d like to know what you did with your EFI. I have a 92 XJ and I am currently embarking on adding a homemade electric turbo and some problems deal with the EFI and air density.

  9. maybe its me, but wouldn’t most people who would use eeproms already b into microcontrollers? seem to me that you could build an equally simple pictures or avr programmer that would perform better.

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