USB airsoft turret

[Jared] over at remembers to think of us whenever he finishes up one of his projects. His latest is an USB Airsoft gun turret based on one of those USB nerf dart turrets. Hrm, this could make a decent base for a defconbots entry. It sounds like he’ll be building an even deadlier expensive version later on.

Don’t forget, December 25th is the deadline for your Design Challenge entries!


  1. Mike says:

    NICE!!!! I was totally lookin into buying a cheapo little electric airsoft gun for my own personal remote control jeep hacking, this is a good starting block…

  2. weirdguy says:

    Wow, this thing is awesome. Only improvements I would make is a bigger hopper and a laser…yeah

  3. TheBlunderbuss says:

    Mashing together two projectile weapons and superglue. This is a true blue, down n dirty hack.
    It’s like the monster toys in Toy Story! :)

  4. Elliott says:

    i would want the hopper set up so i could just screw the bottle of pellets on. also what are up with these star things?

  5. That’s awesome! I would add a bit more than the first poster would add.

    First, I would put a really long USB cord on it. Then, I would add a camera to it, a laser, and would add a way to just stick the bottle of airsoft bb’s on it. Then put it outside and fire away at cars, neighbors, whatever!

  6. danadamkof says:

    I’ve said it before, as cool as inventgeek is, he really has to clean up his grammar. A simple spellcheck could fix errors like “stroon” instead of “strewn”.

  7. optV says:

    This would add another dimension to competition in LAN parties

  8. NeoSurge says:

    “Here Kitty Kitty”

  9. mio says:

    wow. i’m thinking of getting a remote controlled toy and mounting that electric airsoft instead of a turret. Maybe a rc chopper with cam? maybe a cool scorpion robot with cam as well? who knows.

  10. strider_mt2k says:

    This is really cool, but the first and second things i thought were:

    1) mount a camera to that weapon for an easy pan/tilt/remote targeting system

    2) mount all that stuff on a mobile platform of some kind

    cool stuff!

  11. pingoart says:

    even better: why stick to usb? Why not put a battery and wifi(or bluetooth) on it?

  12. kevinin says:

    this is just too cool!

  13. JC says:

    Cool! I know you have already envisioned networking and web control. Why not mount gun to a pan tilt camera instead of mounting camera to this? Zoom could control fire? The models with audio would allow you to here their screams. Good job!

  14. Computer_kid says:

    Very cool, but does it work on linux? :-)

  15. TheBlunderbuss says:

    It might, computer_kid. Email thinkgeek — it’s their USB platform.
    If it doesn’t, then someone might code for it :-

  16. Prophetnoise says:

    Motion sensor that automatically picks up and aims at “targets” that are foolish enough to walk by?

  17. PKM says:

    to everyone asking for wifi/bluetooth, check out v2- quad barrels and the bottle of BBs mounted on the top. to prophetnoise, is the entry of the “quintessential sentry gun”- custom webcam software to fire a bb turret at moving targets, and some videos that have to be watched- if they aren’t on the site look around youtube and I’m sure they’ll be on there somewhere.

  18. Escaladez says:

    It would be awesome to automate it. Make a app that can interprite webcam pictures, and shoot anything that moves. Except have it have facial reconition so it doesn’t shoot you of course.

  19. pat says:

    dude this thing is awesome. only thing i would have changed is that i would attach a joystick to it so that i can move it around to shoot people w/ it

  20. gunner says:

    I like this games, it’s exciting and very fun…
    fire in the hole!!! :D

  21. Your sites not bad:) I am loving it!! Come back later! Keep your site rockin!

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