Roller-Walker (skating) robot

[Max T] sent in this interesting robot design. I dig the combo motion design. The legs can walk, or the wheels flip out time machine style to roll the robot around. Rather than power the wheels, the legs are used to skate the robot around – like a human on skates.


  1. Crash says:

    Pretty fucking cool and elegant.

  2. w00tb0t says:

    Just like a tachikoma (ghost in the shell).

  3. alex says:

    uh it has more interesting stuff on its site

  4. Mathias says:

    Really interesting!
    w00tb0t, I think about the same cool robot ^^

  5. I thought the same thing as w00tb0t looks just like a tachikoma

  6. Never seen such a hybrid approach before, very good idea!

  7. Trimzulu says:

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while.

  8. TJHooker says:

    all the fabrication work on the non-active parts is what’s impressive. This type of BUS and algorithm has been around a while. You usually only see this type of work from corporate labs, or university’s with well funded engineering courses though.

    You can break the bank getting that type of work done whether it be stock metal, or polymer based; at least around NC anyway.

  9. Whitemonk says:

    movement is horrible when walking (too sloe) but all in all if there was an actual walkthrough on construction and details on if the thing can even bare any weight it would be good.

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