Wiimote projector whiteboard

[Johnny Lee]‘s back again with his Wiimote interactive whiteboard. Commercial versions of these things are expensive and heavy. His technique doesn’t even need a projector, just a computer, a Wiimote and a simple IR emitting pen. The pen is just a stylus with an infrared LED in the tip. Hit the video after the break, and you can grab the software from his site here.


  1. Another video showing a similar device – turns any old monitor into a touch surface:


  2. Shabby says:

    Informated Article… Appreciated!

  3. UnlnvlslblE says:

    Last night I picked up the IR LED from radio shack along with a resistor to bring 5v down to about 1.2v. I spliced this all into a USB cable and it doesn’t seem to light up at all. I’m not sure if I’ve done something wrong but the wiimote will not track the LED at all.

    Has anyone else had luck with making this type of thing? I’m pretty newb when it comes to DIY electronics. I looked at a few sites and it seems like I did the right thing but I can’t be sure.

    On another note has anyone tried a red laser? That would be a ideal solution IMHO if it could be easily tracked.

  4. Lucas says:

    Solemn article. It make me lost in thoughts.

  5. The IR should be a finger wearable device – get rid of the pen and get that thing ON your finger — this is a sweet hack !

  6. Kumasam says:

    Jonny Lee, you are an inspiration!

  7. Jonathan says:

    I haven’t begun the hacking yet, but I’ve found a great candidate for an ergonomic pen-like IR device.


    It cost me about $4.

  8. kyle case says:

    jonny, This is great, did you make a mac version of this. If not can you?

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  11. Binny says:


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  13. Stephanie F says:

    Try using the latest Smoothboard 1.6 (http://www.smoothboard.net) which comes with autoconnect mode using MS Bluetooth Stack. It works so fine with me!

  14. wazyevalley says:

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  15. Keane says:

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  17. Islam sayed says:

    Inspired from Johneey lee Project We had Created Interactive Album similar to
    Microsoft Collage using low cost Infrared Camera (Wiimote) , the project in it’s beta version. Open source version will be available as testing phase ends. I would like to read your comments & what functions do you want to Add.

    Main Gestures achieved are Dragging Dropping , Rotating and Scaling

  18. Jenny Jaworek says:

    Please help. I have the bluetooth adapter, my wiimote is connected. I tried to download the software and when I ran the program it says.

    “Exception: Wiimote not found in HID list”

  19. Gamgigo says:

    Totally with you Furthur, any way to get linux support?

  20. Tpaparountas says:

    the red laser works fine , but not if directed on the TV-lcd screen , still it is ok on the wall , or projection.

  21. Steven says:

    Can you use a xbox kinect instead of a wii remote?

  22. sasikala says:

    The idea was nice but when we are writing small letters It is not writing properly.moreover our hand is blocking the IR rays emitted from the wiimote what shall i do?

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