8 thoughts on “Make your own PS3 laptop (part 1)

  1. Anyone else getting sick of the Ben Heck stuff? I’m really tired of seeing all his Engadget posts copied here.

  2. @anonymous:
    I know laptop this and laptop that gets old, but just because you can’t do it don’t be a hater.

    b/c of ben heckendorm and this site i have built my own 3’x4’x5″ cnc machine and vacume former. Pretty soon I’ll be golden.

  3. Eh, I think they tend to be interesting hacks, even if they don’t require intimate technical knowledge in every case. The occasional “mechanical hack” can cross over here just fine for me.

    I mean, HaD only gets ~5 posts on a good day, and I don’t always have time to wade through Engadget’s ~50 posts to find interesting ones like this.

    Seriously, it’s like every. single. cell. phone. on. the. planet. gets 10 Engadget posts. Ugh.

  4. Can’t wait for the next part, My PS3 can’t live apart that long without me. But I will follow and built one!

    Smile-Z-Have Fun,

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