8 thoughts on “Make Your Own PS3 Laptop (part 1)

  1. @anonymous:
    I know laptop this and laptop that gets old, but just because you can’t do it don’t be a hater.

    b/c of ben heckendorm and this site i have built my own 3’x4’x5″ cnc machine and vacume former. Pretty soon I’ll be golden.

  2. Eh, I think they tend to be interesting hacks, even if they don’t require intimate technical knowledge in every case. The occasional “mechanical hack” can cross over here just fine for me.

    I mean, HaD only gets ~5 posts on a good day, and I don’t always have time to wade through Engadget’s ~50 posts to find interesting ones like this.

    Seriously, it’s like every. single. cell. phone. on. the. planet. gets 10 Engadget posts. Ugh.

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