Eee PC 1000H dissected

The people at TweakTown completely disassembled a new Eee PC 1000H and documented the entire process. Aside from showing you the side effects of too much tech fetish and not enough regular fetish, the article reveals all the parts of the new Eee, with a few surprises inside. Although it’s an Eee PC, it’s very different from all of its predecessors.

One of the things the teardown shows is that several parts are far more modular than previous Eee PC models. The hard drive, for example, is a standard Seagate Momentus which is made for desktop systems; it can easily be swapped out. Another easily swapped component is the 1GB SIMM from ASint.

Although their (ahem) stripping process was a bit unconventional, a lot of interesting information was yielded from this teardown. Keep ‘em coming, TweakTown, just be sure to clean off your tool when you’re done.

[via Gizmodo]


  1. Yuffie says:

    Desktop hard drives?

    gotta love all these new ultraportables.

  2. Jax184 says:

    I sure hope you meant the drive is made for laptop systems, unless the majority of the Eee is actually taken up by a 3.5″ drive.

  3. Nick says:

    It’s a well rounded tear down with allot of good info on all the specs. However that has to be one of the creepiest laptop tear downs i have read and saw in a quite long time. It was like reading soft core gadget Pr0n. Those guys must have a fetish for hardware.

  4. Sparks says:


    Oh, and I’ve been wanting to say this:
    I do not approve of the miked.

  5. great teardown! I’ve been looking at an ultra portable laptop for a while and this new one looks to be more practical (ram wise). I’m looking forward to their benchmark, hopefully they try something in addition to vista.

  6. miked says:

    i approve of this post

  7. miked_hater says:


  8. MartinC says:

    Was it wrong to be turned on by this review?

  9. sigg3 says:

    That is the dirtiest hardware review I have ever read.

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