Hacker sentenced for stalking internet celebrity

[Jeffrey Robert Weinberg] has been sentenced to 2 years in state prison for a single act of computer intrusion. He had already served time in federal prison for hacking into Lexis-Nexis. Weinberg was caught through his cyberstalking – he went after an Internet celebrity. [Amor Hilton] was a MySpace user with a popular show on Stickam. Hilton found herself locked out of her MySpace account, and her cellphone account disconnected. She alleged that he demanded phone sex and nude photos of her. [Hilton] worked with the police to identify the hacker using a photo that he sent. After [Weinberg] completes his sentence in state prison, he will have to face repercussions for violation of his federal probation, which came with severe restrictions on his computer usage.


  1. YoYo-Pete says:

    What an ID10T.

  2. Sean says:

    im waiting until this sort of thing becomes a sex-crime.

  3. mikey g says:

    this isn’t a hack.

  4. dan says:

    hacks only please.

  5. theisovist says:

    @mikey G

    This has been said before. You do not run this site, if you do not like what is posted, you are free to go elsewhere. Vote with your unique hits.

  6. rabblerouser says:

    This is news about the hacking community, and therefore affects us all. If you want to, think of it as a how to on “what not to do”

  7. David R says:

    he deserves the punishment, nobody can argue that he didn’t commit a crime. not even the “stealing copyrighted works isn’t stealing, it’s copyright infringement” crowd. and i agree with mikeyg.

  8. alterego says:

    some things are worth going to prison. you were all thinking it, i just said it.

  9. troy nall says:

    i think it is an hack. so to speak. he had to have hacked the myspace and cell phone accounts. wonder if he used social engineering or what ?

    all i know is that the kid should have picked someone else. wow thats crazy. that pic is not that flattering.

  10. Obvious Man says:

    Tips for a successful stalk:

    Step 1: Don’t send a picture of your self to stalkee

    Step 2: Don’t have a criminal record containing said picture

    Step 3: Don’t get violated in federal prison due to a violation of probation

  11. rob says:

    tell that ugly skankler to pick those goobers out of her nose

  12. Miscer Laneous says:

    If you don’t want weird men getting hot under the collar about you, don’t skank yourself online. Stay offline or wear a burkha in those top down ‘myspace shots’.


  13. Rastloser says:

    It would be nice, especially on a site like Hack A Day, if every author paid close attention to the difference between hackers and crackers.

  14. joseph says:


    this is not a hack. hackaday does not usually feature “cracking” but instead hacking in its original spirit.


    we will all go elsewhere if the site starts focusing on this sort of content. we’re also counting on some folks at hackaday reading these comments on these new types of stories. i’m not going to give up my loyalty over one silly story, and that’s the same reason some of the loyal fanbase has been complaining instead of leaving.

  15. BlizzardDemon says:

    To all the peopl complaining about this not being hack. Take it to miked’s clone site, I’m sure he’d like the company. : P

  16. miked says:

    come one, come all!! http://onlyhacks.com/ has what you need – hacks. well, one hack today.

  17. photophile says:

    Stalking an internet celeb? Wow, that’s lame. Buddy needs to get outside more.

  18. 1337h@X07 says:

    What a n00b

  19. mirlme says:

    wow! thanks for the info.. i really love the info that you gave to me!

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