Engadget Goes In Depth With The IPhone 3G

Over at Engadget, they’ve taken some time to completely review the iPhone 3G. Take a few moments to stop reading about all the trouble activating them and read about the phone itself.

In short, they hit the following points:

  • The case feels thinner than it is.
  • The shape of the case makes it wobble on a hard surface.
  • Call quality is greatly improved.
  • Speeds are greatly increased.
  • Battery life is underwhelming.

They seem positive in their conclusion, we’ll have to wait and see how they feel after a little more time with it.

7 thoughts on “Engadget Goes In Depth With The IPhone 3G

  1. what does it matter? you still get hacks, and the other stuff is somewhat relevant. Don’t like it? make your own feed. Personally I enjoy the extra content.

    More content is BETTER in my book. The old content is still there (same quality/quantity) just now we get many updates a day instead of just one.

  2. I can appreciate the people that complain that not all articles are hacks… But… I doubt that there are new interesting, hackaday worthy hacks everyday. I’d dare say, sometimes, there are not new hacks every week. Therefore, instead of lowering standards and listing hacks that are worthless or worse, we see some interesting bit of tech news. I, for one, don’t mind a bit.

    Further… Considering the time, effort and expense necessary to maintain a site like this… I’m simply happy hackaday.com is still online.

  3. when are you f*cktards gonna get the message?
    If you don’t like all the extra content change your bookmark from http://www.hackaday.com to http://www.hackaday.com/category/daily
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  4. according to had’s own poll, most readers want hacks. this site has turned into mostly not hacks. and other quality content is lacking. all hacks are not posted in the daily category, so only reading that would mean you miss out.

    if only there was a site that had only hacks.

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