LED floor captures digital footprints

Sensacell created a unique interactive flooring system for the 2008 World Expo in Zaragoza, Spain. Comprised of 1000 LED panels, the 250 foot installation is covered in architectural glass and lights up in response to pressure. We like what different people are doing in this clip; from walking in a line to dragging a mop over the floor, the results are undeniably captivating and ultimately irresistible.

[via Gizmodo]

7 thoughts on “LED floor captures digital footprints

  1. They cut away when the most potentially interesting thing was about to happen: when the stroller wheels rolled over it.

    The mop made up for it, but not by much.

  2. I would kill for this in my room. Nintendo should look into this. They say it can’t get more innovative than the wii but I can see a soccer game working pretty well like this. If you own a gymnasium. A table type system would also work.

  3. yeah, i was waiting for the stroller, too!

    i wonder if its using that led-pwm-feedback technology, where the LEDs act as sensors.

    it’s very cool.

  4. very good, but they really need to get rid of the “blockyness” – lets have each individual led respond directly to pressure above it.

    Then you could literally draw with it.

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