Modding The Acer Aspire One With Bluetooth

[tnkgrl], a regular around here, is at it again. This time she has modded an Acer Aspire One subnotebook to have internal Bluetooth. She’s released part 1 of a multi part tutorial on beefing up the Aspire One. In this part, she covers disassembly, adding more RAM, and adding the Bluetooth hardware. She suggests that you look at her Bluetooth install on an Asus 701 to find more information as the process is nearly identical.

Part 2 of the tutorial is going to cover upgrading the SSD to a 1.8″ PATA hard drive and putting it back together.

9 thoughts on “Modding The Acer Aspire One With Bluetooth

  1. Nothing new to _you_ genius, but maybe not some other folks out there.
    Take a pill and let us have our little fun, m’kay?

    I think this is awesome stuff, and I might just try my own internal Bluetooth dongle install as a result of it.

    Thanks, hackaday!

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