Hack a Day T-Shirt design contest

We need a new t-shirt. The current design is entering its third year. Help us out by designing a new shirt to give away at conferences. Dash has donated a Dash Express for first prize.

Some ground rules:

  • You must incorporate the skull and wrenches logo in your design. You’ll find a larger version below.
  • You can enter as many designs as you like to hackaday.shirt@gmail.com (JPG, GIF, or PNG mockups only please)
  • The design can’t violate any copyright laws or trademarks.
  • The design should be one color and the shirt doesn’t have to be black.
  • By submitting your design you give us non-exclusive rights to use the image in the design of a Hack a Day t-shirt as well as for other Hack A Day promotional materials.
  • We reserve the right to choose no design at all if we don’t like any of the submissions.
  • The contest ends September 15th.


[loopymind] has provided some files to help you out. [ EPS | PDF | DXF ]

[Phesarnion] found the long lost Hack a Day font.

Yes, the contest is open to residents outside the US; we’ll come up with an appropriate prize.


  1. SamAdam says:

    Can we get a vector image for the logo?

  2. ghos7man says:

    Anyone know what font the hack a Day logo is in?

  3. EllisGL says:

    Oh come on, learn to use the pen tool! =P

  4. electric.jackass says:

    What is the font for the text in the site logo?

  5. sisco says:

    what font is the “hack a day” name?

  6. deathwombat says:

    is this competition open to anyone or just US only?

  7. Dave Spirito says:

    I just finished and sent my designs in, I’m excited I think they came out well! Good luck all!

  8. Dave Spirito says:

    I don’t know the font, it looks similar to terminal. I just used verdana so they got the idea of the placement. I’m sure they plan on changing to the official font when the design is chosen anyways.

  9. JuanCubillo says:

    Ok… so the shirt doesn’t have to be black… or **can’t** be black???

  10. blizzarddemon says:

    Sweet, something I can try for once….I like to hack, but I’m not all that good right now. I’ll see if I can get this one finished before I go back to school.

  11. Phesarnion says:

    Font’s Name is Checkbook – can be found here: http://simplythebest.net/fonts/fonts/checkbook.html

    p.s. Google is your friend, 2 minutes of searching.

    Do we need to suggest colours for the shirt and design or will it be printed on a range of colours?

  12. fahhem says:

    Hey, I used this site for the last batch of shirts I got. They were the cheapest I could find and were pretty fast. There are some pictures of the shirts in several cameras, but we haven’t gotten around to putting them up anywhere.


  13. 1 says:

    dafont.com is your friend too. Good luck guys

  14. LoopyMind says:

    Hey everybody,
    I thought, let me help out, i present you in EPS and PDF, the Hack-a-day logo.


    The PDF version…
    The EPS version…


  15. LoopyMind says:

    Crap! forgot you can’t use HTML… here’s the links
    The EPS:

    The PDF

    The DXF (for those who love Autocad-ish software:))

  16. Are the t-shirts actually going to be available to the poor slobs who check the site religiously but aren’t lucky enough to be anywhere near any convention?

  17. heatgap says:

    the font was already posted above by another poster.

    GL everyone make something I want to buy.

  18. Frogz says:

    for a white t-shirt(hmm, maybe blue text border isnt the best, white border would be pritnable with 2 colors)

    for a black shirt(who buys white anyway?!)

    dedicated to one of the first hardware hacks, the apple 1

  19. Phesarnion says:

    What format would you prefer submissions in?
    I’m assuming that png is fine?

    also, if our submission involves multiple files, do you mind if we zip/rar them?

  20. Nick says:

    Soo hows everyone designs coming :D? I made one. I think it came out really good, clean and simple but I want to make a few more

  21. Nick says:

    Question do we have to provide the back of the shirt too?

  22. Edward Nardella says:

    dude thanks much for the .dxf and font will certainly help.

  23. dylan says:


    There’s the logo in SVG.
    I don’t have photoshop, and a PDF is not exactly ideal for this kind of thing. I assume I’m not the only one in this situation.

    Plus, this works for all those cool kids not running any proprietary software.

  24. surrealight says:

    Does this logo have to be used directly in the design?


  25. carloscorp says:

    just one hour ago i started to make my tshirt… what time we accept the t-shirt??

  26. Mr_LeE says:

    ill have a whiz in an hour

  27. wtf says:

    so wtfs going on? Did anyone win?

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  29. Single Mom says:

    Great site! Keep it up!

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