Wiimote head tracking in Processing

[Manuel] has been playing around with [Johnny Lee]‘s Wiimote head tracking code. He’s posted a preliminary port outlining the code in the Processing environment. It relies on darwiinremoteOSC so you won’t see this outside of OSX, but it should help you out if you’re trying to do this is in Processing on another platform.

[via Create Digital Motion]

[photo: nicolasnova]


  1. Will says:

    There’s also someone who’s putting together a VR system with OSS:


    under “How this was done” he has a few videos…

  2. We’re actually working on a project to port it to all 3 OS’. Currently the linux one is mostly completed due to a Google Summer of Code project:

    We’re looking for someone to write the bluetooth interface for windows / mac if anyone is willing to help – the port shouldn’t be that painful once we find someone who knows their bluetooth in OSX or Windows:

    The project, more info, etc can be found here:


  3. Roshamboe says:

    that would be awesome if the had games for this

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