SparkFun Arduino Pro

SparkFun’s new Arduino Pro is an updated version of their Skinny. The board comes populated with the running gear of an Arduino, but without all of the connectors in place. It’s targeted at people building integrated systems around the Arduino and not just prototyping. The board is 3.3V with an 8MHz bootloader just like the LilyPads and is fully certified by Arduino. It has a small side mounted power switch, but you have to supply your own DC jack (if you need it). There is no USB hardware on board and you’re expected to program it via an FTDI breakout board or cable. We definitely like the stripped down approach, but it would have been nice if the price had dropped more.

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6 thoughts on “SparkFun Arduino Pro

  1. Sparkfun used to rock with low prices and even did 1 off doublesided boards for you for $2.5 a square inch.

    Now they are a “trendy” experimenters house and everything is spendy. I prefer to buy from smaller places and get the project based ardunios exactly like the “pro” for $9.95 each.

  2. I’d like to see a 10$ arduino as well. i’ve been using the arduino bare bones board, from they’re $15 as a kit, $25 assembled.

    i’ll have to order one of these from sparkfun, the $20 tag, fully assembled, isn’t really that bad, as long as you already have the breakout or ftdi cable.

    i really like the slim form factor as well.

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