Yahoo! employee accused of involvement with terrorists

[Mohammed Mansoor Asghar Peerbhoy], a software engineer at Yahoo!’s Indian facility, has been accused of involvement with one of India’s most-wanted terrorist organizations, the Islamic Mujahideen. According to investigators, [Peerbhoy] wrote and sent emails just before and after terrorist attacks in Delhi, Ahmedabad in Gujarat, and Jaipur in Rajasthan. [Peerbhoy] makes an unlikely suspect; he visited the U.S. on several occasions for work without suspicion, but authorities claim that he was a “mastermind” who hacked into wireless internet sites to send hostile emails. The local community and his family have rallied around [Peerbhoy], calling the arrest an attempt to “defame the Muslim community”. There are also claims that his arrest, and other similar arrests, were made to soothe political pressures and not based on any factual evidence.

[photo: josemurilo]


  1. monster says:

    ten bucks says when he “hacked into wireless internet sites to send hostile emails” he really went to starbucks with his laptop and chatted on AIM

  2. acidchild says:

    Poor guy :(

    The government will fuck us all!

  3. sushi says:

    that is the definition of sawds….

    (for those who are wondering, that’s a popular term started by Shaker Heights High School (wiki it)…it means the following:

    “Sawds” – int., an expression of sympathy and/or pity
    Al: Dude, I just failed my math test.
    Bob: Sawds!

    “Sawdy” – adj., in a pitiable position
    Example: You see a dollar bill on the ground, then reach down to pick it up and somebody else picks it up before you (thanks James)


  4. Jon Williams says:

    I’m always amazed that the arrest of any Muslim is deemed an insult against the entire Muslim community, and yet when they kill each other (or anyone else) there is never a peep out of them….

  5. jimmys says:

    This guy is lucky he’s just being charged with being part of a group that conspired to murder tourists on vacation. If he would have run a spam email outfit, people would be calling for his head.

  6. Jingo says:

    That he visited the US without suspicion doesn’t really mean anything; two of the September 11th hijackers got their visa clearance six months *after* the attacks.

  7. VonSkippy says:

    Yes, those poor old muslims, after all their worldwide work at eliminating poverty and hunger and illiteracy, their fight for human rights, they vast campaign for equal treatment of women, all the charity work they do, all the worldwide relief efforts they make, it’s a real slap in the face when people just remember them for all the terrorists they spawn and all the terrorist acts they commit/allow/condone – life is just sooooooooooooo unfair.

  8. Circs says:

    @monster: Totally agree, was probably just checking his facebook or whatever.

    @everyone else: Ethnocentric tendencies went out of style a long time ago. Get your pointy hats out of my melting pot.

  9. David Major says:

    I knew that damn sneaky Yahoo! toolbar was evil…

  10. Frank says:

    Blimey, i thought i was reading a posting from for a sec there… had me fooled! :)

  11. Andrew says:

    Just a few technicalities – the Islamic Mujahideen is a misnomer, an Islamic person may be seen as a member of a mujahideen group, but the ‘Indian Mujahideen’ is the terrorist organization on the most wanted list in India.

  12. Wolvenmoon says:

    Cry me a river, the indian justice system is crap anyway, he’s screwed no matter what religion he is.

  13. pip says:

    “hacked into wireless internet sites to send hostile emails”

    Internet sites are wireless now!?!!??!?! A MIRACLE!

  14. Wwhat says:

    Perhaps a bit political for this site but I liked how vonskippy put it all together :)

    But yeah, indian justice has a not-so-solid reputation it must be said, although it’s a hit and miss thing, sometimes they do a good effort and sometimes they don’t is my impression, I guess it depends on what area you are and who gets involved.
    (reminds me of a country known as the mexico-of canada ;P)

  15. web bruiser says:

    a muslim terrorist? sounds too far-fetched to be credible…

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