Geode, Mozilla Labs’ Location-based Browser Plug-in

Mozilla Labs has launched yet another new project, this one a location based plugin for Firefox. Geode will let users to take advantage of location data embedded within a web page. Like [MG Siegler] at VentureBeat, we wondered what the point of a location-based desktop browser was, since most cell phones are now GPS-enabled. TechCrunch and CNET’s Webware, cite the example of a user who is looking for a place to eat while out of town. Using Geode, his favorite restaurant review site would know automatically to display eating establishments in the locale he is visiting. As semantic information permeates more and more of the web, we’re certain that we’ll see many more uses for a tools like Geode. Geode’s uses Skyhook’s Loki technology, which determines position base on what WiFi access points it sees just like the Eye-Fi.

12 thoughts on “Geode, Mozilla Labs’ Location-based Browser Plug-in

  1. Can’t see the use. Yeah if you’re looking for local things, (you already know stuff within blocks of your locale).
    The whole point of the net is to know what’s beyond. I usually search stuff from Japan, UK, Belgium, England, etc. And I’m not there.

    While out of town and needing to eat? I doubt you will sit down for 10 minutes for a net-based recommendation.

  2. Yeay privacy risking! I mean, why do you want websites to know exactly where you are, except a dozen times a year? Is it really needed an extension that can fill out a address for you?

    As for work, that’s plain stupid. If you have internet in your home and work, what’s the probability they will have the same AP essid? It would be much easier/safer to adjust RSS content based on that.

    Is it really that useful to make us load yet another extension?

  3. “Is it really that useful to make us load yet another extension?” – No. Who’s forcing you, icebrain?

    I never said the extension should be banned and sent to hell, I’m just saying that I can’t see how can this be really useful to anyone. Which doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have written it if they were in the mood.
    But can you see yourself using it more than a couple a times per month or even year?

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