Drawdio kit lets you make music while you draw

Drawdio, designed by [Jay Silver], is a fun, simple toy that uses the conductive nature of pencil graphite to generate different sounds. When you use the Drawdio pencil to draw or write, you also simultaneously create music. The entire kit is available for sale at Adafruit Industries, or for the more adventurous, separate components and parts are listed. The circuit is fairly simple and we wonder what other devices people can come up with based on this theme.


  1. dax says:

    nifty doodad. I wouldn’t exactly call it “making music” :P

  2. univac says:

    Nice! I just got one. Very fun. And not necessarily music
    The site that sells them is very interesting also. They carry kits for a lot of DIY/hack projs we’ve seen on these HaD pages and others: POVs, Game of Life, arduino kits, etc.

  3. nubie says:

    If you mean adafruit, from ladyada, then yes, it is a kick-ass site.

    I got acquainted with it when the SpokePOV toys came out a while back.

  4. ladyada says:

    man that video kinda sucked :)
    need more sleep, will make a better one soon…

  5. jay silver says:

    Will Bosworth, a kid in my dorm, totally rocks out on the electric drawdio that I made for him (amplified, that is, using a headphone out jack instead of a speaker). I’ll have to post a video of that.

    Some of the ideas expressed here are a bit musical:

  6. kyle007 says:

    Bill Cosby’s Picture pages? Thats what comes to mind. I always wanted one of those pens and you could send away for it in cereal box when it arrived it didn’t make that wonderful sound.

  7. srilyk says:

    This is actually a really cool concept… I love anything that involve human resistance/capacitance/whatever

  8. icanhaz says:

    I think I saw Will Bosworth demonstrating this at the Cloud Club in Boston!

  9. Hey, nice concept, why don’t you use accelerometer?
    It could be a bit overkill, but sound might be nasty, or hm, you could do an instrument without pencil, just moving around some object or something..

  10. novajeeper says:

    Why is there only one other person that immediately thought picture pages??

    Man I’m old…

  11. Jared says:

    Hopefully none of this music ends up on iTunes..

  12. nintari says:

    No trust me I first thought picture pages too but was afraid to show my age lol

  13. strider_mt2k says:

    Oh man, picture pages.

    The hack rocks but your reference has sent me spinning back in time the way old people do





  14. Really? says:

    Seriously? I understand boredom, and believe me, I’ve made some stupid stuff when I was bored before, but this is absolutely retarded. It makes sounds that would make any normal person pull their hair out.

  15. critisizer says:

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  16. critisizer says:

    remember that if this website is not ship shape tomorrow I will SHUT YOU DOWN!!!!!!!!

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